Strange Facts

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  1. Name a strange fact about yourself that not many people know.

    Mine: I am afraid of the moon. Seriously. :pity:
  2. I had nightmares growing up about the moon hitting the earth. :sad:
  3. :upset: so scary

    So whats something strange about you? :ksi:
  4. Not afraid of death, but terrified of mice, ferrets, hamster, ect.
  5. :vince:


    idk :okay:
  6. What bet did you lose to get stuck with that sig.
  7. Ever play LoZ: Majora's Mask by any chance?

    As for a strange fact about myself. Um, when I was younger, for a brief period of time, I wasn't allowed to leave the house without a leash and my mom to walk me.
  8. I am double jointed so I am super flexible
  9. I can drink with my nose.
  10. - anger issues
    - being lazy for "small" things
    - lying
    - manipulating
  11. I rarely shower.
  12. All of my children are name after mythological gods from Greek and Norse mythology
  13. That's pretty cool. What's their names?
  14. Athena,Ares and Odin
  15. :obama:

    I would totally be friends with a guy called Ares or Odin.
  16. Thanks They say Hello
  17. :shock: :ksi:

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    surprised deth didn't notice this