Strange/funny promos

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Pop Tatari, Jun 6, 2013.

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  2. Joe, you Rulz.
  3. What are you going on about? That isn't JoeRulz.
  4. Tag Joerulz and we both win.
  5. I was Joe then i died and was reincarnated as the sexy mofo i am now:dawg:
  6. From average Joe to British Plumber. UPGRADE!
  7. Really everyone hates you.

  8. :pipebomb:
  10. :george:

    You want a strange/funny promo, check this one out:

    From busting up blood (wtf), to stricken with cancer, to "we all matter," the Rock was the people's retard in that one.
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  11. Yeah, that was pretty lame. But it's not really funny nor weird, just pathetic.

    Punk looking up to a man twenty times his size and using the "box with god" quote on the other hand is pretty damn hilarious. Like a "scared straight" kid trying to look tough in front of murderer in prison :cole:

  12. I sometimes think Deth has disabilities.
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  13. Tbf I thought the "box with god" line was pretty funny. Good promo by Punk but when you look at both the men involved it was pretty funny seeing a man hardly breaching 6ft in length trying to intimidate a mountain of a man. Doesn't take away from the quality but it waws a bit funny once the dust had settled.
  14. Gets me every time
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  15. Deth just hates Punk, he's similar to Aids in a lot of ways just with a redeeming trait.

    As for OP I'll say any Y2J Promo against Steph during the invasion angle.
  16. Quite interested on your stance regarding Deth and Spotspot finding the promo funny because it's not realistic. I don't think many of the feuds in WWE are meant to be realistic, and certainly don't find unrealism a factor in most of the feuds I watch. A lot of feuds start from backstage segments which are filmed by a camera man standing in front of them, and then the wrestler is like :O when the public know something he thought was private.
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  17. Actually it's more like this:
    Show Spoiler
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  18. I know you didn't ask me, but if I could put my opinion quickly? Personally, I think the promo was great on the grounds that Punk's character at the time was a very delusional heel, unable to win without help or bending the rules, clinging to the title by any means necessary. Hulking up to a guy like the Rock was the perfect way to demonstrate how over-inflated his ego had become. Despite the size difference, he truly believed the Rock couldn't touch him. In that way, it actually WAS realistic. Punk wasn't supposed to be intimidating, he was supposed to be delusional. At least that's what I think.
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