Strange loading bar thing on mobile site.

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  1. When I post in the top right of my screen I get some strange loading bar/refreshing thing flashing away. Is this permanent or can it be removed? It's a bit annoying lol.

    On a positive though love the new site so much easier to use and find alerts and likes etc.... Must admit though keep hitting report instead of reply as keep thinking reply the first option haha.

    Loving the upgrade though.
  2. I don't have that on my phone :emoji_slight_frown:
  3. Random then lmao.
  4. Ive screenshotted it will up it too fb and link it.
  6. [​IMG]


    Top right just below my battery length that little black box. The white rectangles move along like a refresh bar sort of thing it's well random.
  7. No picture there.
  8. Strange I used the new pic linking thing. Hmmmm does the old coding still work then?
  9. Did do you 'image' or 'media' ?

    But yes, [​IMG]
  10. I just copied the link from fb to tiny url and then copied that.
  11. I'll try this

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  12. We probably have no permission to see it, but those images are broken. Try uploading it to
  13. That works. Nice job.

    That comes with Xenforo, does it not go really quickly?
  14. No it sometimes lingers even if the next screen has loaded just stays there in the corner for no reason.
  15. It's a thing to show the forum is like doing something. It should go once it's done :hmm:
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