Strange weather

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Really though, it's pretty cool seeing all the chaos that goes on around the world. Mother Nature don't fuck around bruh.

    August -

    September -

    October -

    November -

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  2. :facepalm:

    While I do find it all strange, we all know I have my conspiracies on this stuff. Crazy ol' Britta riding the coo coo train! I won't get into any of that. But yes, nature is one bad mamma jamma.
  3. A few more

    ...Y llegarán los tiempos del fin y el fin de los tiempos...
  4. HAARP. :obama:
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  5. :true:


    inb4 Jonosheep
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  6. [​IMG]

  7. :awyeah:
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  8. Should watch this if you haven't -

    Not "conspiracy" crap, the video is full of actual facts and information.
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  9. Chemtrails isn't a conspiracy anymore. They are legitimately spraying crap. From bug spray to fluoride. It has been proven, documented and stated by a few different people. The issue is, no one believes any of it to be harmless. If they up the doses and zombies start walking the earth, maybe they will believe it then.
  10. Yeah there's a lot going on in plain sight. I find it interesting more than anything.
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  11. We should make a Brit/Death "conspiracy theory" thread. Can post a bunch of articles, videos, and such. I'm always reading and looking into this stuff.
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  12. Same. Like I understand the bug control aspect, keeping the west nile virus away and such, but I don't get the fluoride, the aluminum, mercury, ect. If I am not mistaken, they either want people dead or sick. Fluoride alone damages food sources and water sources. I mean that crap is rat poison in China. People confuse it with fluorine. Fluronine in loose terms is just salt and acid (think baking soda). Fluoride, while believed to be the same thing is junk residue from processing metals in factories. Alcoa's owner, I can't remember dudes name, was the first to start putting it in water. What does Alcoa process? METALS! They make plane parts and the like. There is actually one not far from where I live. But now I am rambling. inb4 I get called out for not sourcing my information.
  13. I know @Champ Johnson would get in on that. :obama:
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  14. I can already hear Jonothan's fat ass creeping into this thread
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  15. Moobs first. :lol1:
  16. also the rejection of common sense from the general population - choosing to ignore rather than be informed - is hugely interesting all by itself.

    Sure, i wasted a few days watching JFK/history of America/the growth of IBM and other things, i'll let my buddies who make jokes get back to American Idol and Duck Dynasty shit.
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  17. I find it empowering to be seeking out the truth and asking questions.
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  18. Also you should make it two threads if possible, as some of the crazy conspiracy people are absolutely to die for hilarious. That video i posted there with that lunatic filming the rainbow from her mixing of sprinklers still cracks me up.
  19. Yeah true. There's actual information and facts, and then there are clowns like Alex Jones who do nothing but make a mockery of everything.
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  20. Alex Jones is no better then the twats on the news using fear as a market tool to make money. And he calls people Sheep? :pity:
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