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    US birth certificates are contracts that state that you, the person, is taking responsibility to a businesses debt by agreeing to work for free. But I get paid? When you are working, you receive money. This money shows how much you, as a a stock object is worth to the business. Social Security Numbers are used to track your most current value. Basically, you are nothing more than a slave on the trade market. Birth Certificate = Debt Contract. You are in agreeance to repay the debts of the said business.

    So basically... All of us are screwed.
  2. Yeah, I've known about this for a while. It sucks.

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  3. We are screwed as a humanity regardless of being slaves/trade items or not. lol
  4. Capitalism, baybay.

    The poor get poorer
    The rich get richer
    The poor that got poorer are getting screwed in the bum by the rich that got richer.
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