Streak vs Streak.

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    This is a thread where you can discuss the greatest streaks of WWE such as Ryback's, 'Taker's, Goldberg's, and more. Discuss whose was greater.
  2. Ryback's streak is broken. And wasn't long enough to be memorable. Goldbergs streak in WWE sucked
  3. I used past tense.
  4. Yet There is only one streak within WWE. Golberg hardly had one in WWE and neither did Ryback. Sorry but this thread isn't really needed. No one will say that Goldberg or Ryback had a greater streak than the undertaker.
  5. I thought this might have been about a possible Punk-Undertaker match at WM29. That's an idea I've seen discussed elsewhere, with Punk retaining at the Rumble, Rock/Cena having a non-title rematch, and then Punk putting his WWE Title 'streak' up against Undertaker's WM streak. Won't happen of course, for obvious reasons, but slightly interesting.
  6. Goldberg has the best streak in wrestling history.
  7. When I saw the title, I thought the poster was asking for Undertaker vs. Michael Cole at WM...
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  8. Because Andre the Giant never happened.
  9. Taker's streak by freaking miles.

    In wrestling terms tho Goldberg's is up there as it generated a lot of interest at the time in WCW despite there over exaggeration of it.

    But Taker's is the all time as it's at the biggest sports entertainment event and is likely to be something never to be matched again EVER.
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  11. [size=x-large]Ryback![/size]
  12. How on god's green earth is Ryback's streak greater than the undertaker's? HOW?!
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  14. You don't have to yell. :((
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