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  1. do any 1 thin undertaker shad go up a gents Goldberg for the streak
  2. Wait shouldn't that be the other way around?
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  3. o yer soz u r rite there i put it wrong
  4. :urm: Okay....I say John Cena
  5. Khali

    Love your sign Farooq #BHArmy
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  6. Wow yet ok? He shud ashley not go a gents Goldberg for the streak!
  7. No! RipOff GloLBerk !
  8. Undertaker and Goldberg in 2014? Fuck no. There would literally be no "oomph" to this match, in my opinion.

    It would have been a massive match if two different time periods collided - Goldberg from 1998 when he had the undefeated streak and was one of the hottest wrestling stars ever, and the Undertaker of today where his streak is larger and bigger than ever. But nowadays (or even if they faced back in 1998/1999, when Taker's streak wasn't referred to as such and was not a big deal yet), the match just seems like another match.

    Bill Goldberg should stay away from wrestling. I can't think of anyone current day I'd want to see him face. And the only part timer I'd want to see Taker face nowadays is Brock Lesnar. Give me Cena/Undertaker over that too, though.
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  9. how do u get sings
  10. Learn the ways of the force.
  11. Hornswoggle vs Undertaker Ladder match ha-ha!
  12. I refuse to streak.
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