Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat

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    People have fought over this discussion in life, let's see what the people of this forum think about which franchise was better.Now I know the Street Fighter franchise started way before MK, but to me Street Fighter was PG version when it came to fighting.Mortal Kombat blew down the straw house Street Fighter created first, and with the blood which you didn't see in games at the time.I remember back in the day, the News talking how violent MK was, and you had different versions of the game, with or without blood.Now I must say when it comes to moves, you had more moves with Street Fighter, but damn MK had the fatality which was hard as shit to do.Here's a story I was done in with Scorpion's let me take off my costume and burn you death with fire from my mouth by my Mom.Hey I was little kid just getting the game, but what do you guys think is the better franchise overall?

  2. Nice thread! Tough choice as I am a fan of both. But I always liked SF better, could be because it was first. I actually enjoy all the SF movies and anime that are out there as well. Mortal Kombat never really reached that far, although the MK movies were better IMO (not by much though).

    Too add to your story - I remember going to the video rental place with a notebook and pencil. See, they had a poster up in the store that listed ALL the fatalities when the first one came out (I had Genesis). Now this was before we had the wonderful invention known as the internet to quickly look that shit up on so I took the time to write them all down in my notebook when I went to rent the game. My mother was not happy I was taking so long, believe you me. BUT, I got to go home a happy kid and pull out spines, hearts, burn people to death, etc. That is one experience I will NEVER forget.
  3. When it comes to these two games, would you believe me if I told you, I have MK 2 on Sega, and Street Fighter 2 that still works perfectly?
  4. I would! And would not be surprised lol. May be worth money someday.
  5. Sales Wise, Street Fighter. Gameplay and Fun Wise, Street Fighter.
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  6. Ah, the good old days. I remember I used to spend a lot of time as a kid trying to invent my own MK characters and trying to come up with my own ideas for fatalities and friendships.

    To me, Mortal Kombat also stood out more and felt more special. It had gore, fatalities, the FINISH HIM/HER that would pop on the screen that allowed you to get one last hit on your defenseless and soon-to-be-defeated opponent (or just kill them alright, or perform a Friendship), better characters, better villains, cooler moves, etc.

    The only thing that gives Street Fighter an advantage IMO is a better built-in fighting engine but the positives of MK still outweigh the positives of SF for me. I've never been a huge fighting game fan anyway, these are really the only two fighting game franchises that I've ever been a fan of. (And to be honest, I never played SF past part 2 and it's many different improved versions. I stopped playing MK after Deadly Alliance.)

    Mortal Kombat also had the better film. I mean, the sequel (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) was a pile of shit, but the first film, though bad by normal movie standards, was still awesome given what you'd expect from a Mortal Kombat movie.
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  7. If Street Fighter had fatalities people would be like Mortal what?
  8. Friendships are LAME. So are Babalities and Animalities. Just give me the fatalities. Arena based or otherwise
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  9. @Kassius HoHo did you try the Street Fighter Vs. Tekken game at all? I haven't but I heard it was decent.
  10. IT's bad, it's very very bad.
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  11. Worse than MK vs DC Universe? I didn't play that one either.
  12. I kinda enjoyed Friendships. They first made an appearance in MK2 because that game was darker in tone (which is what I love about it) than the previous game was, so they wanted to lighten the mood a bit. I will agree that Animalities and Babalities are lame, though. Babalities especially since it was the same every time, no matter who you did it on. Brutalities were the same way, but that was more of a way for players to test and see how fast they could mash all those buttons to perform such a long combo in such a short time.
  13. No but it's close.
  14. SF wins on so many levels. First and foremost the best part of SFII was the soundtrack. I can still hum all of the stage themes without struggling at all, whilst I cannot remember any of the MK themes. Second, the variety of characters is SF is amazing compared to MK. Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ghost, Reptile, etc are all the same sprite with different colours, that sucks. Once combos were introduced In SF it blew everyone's minds. Cammys thong leotard, the anime series' and movies, the live action movie, beating the shit out of a Mercedes, Bison spamming special moves till you just wanted to throw your controller through the TV!!!!!!!!!!


    Ok I'm calm now. In conclusion, SF >>>>>>>>>
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  15. Street Fighter especially 2. Miss those days when you'd go on a win streak so the AI would kick ur arse for no reason despite what u did.
  16. Honestly I played Fighter vs Tekken here and there but never owning any of these team ups.Now if we are talking Marvel vs Capcom, hell yeah lol.
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  17. FUCK YES!
  18. Have Mortal Kombat on a emulator on my phone, and one of the Street Fighter games for my 3DS. Judging by the two games I have, I want to say Street Fighter just because the moves seem much more cooler, better character selection, and it seems to have a better storyline. I'm unsure about the original Street Fighter though, so I might just put this vote away until I get to play it.
  19. Blanca for the win.
  20. I will say though, Sub-Zero is a fucking boss.
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