Kayfabe Striking statement

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  1. *Todd McKay is seen standing backstage with interviewer Thomas Drago. Drago has a microphone and looks to be interviewing Todd, before we hear any noise Todd grabs the mic and smacks Thomas over the head with it*
    Todd McKay: Now that I don't have to listen to that droning voice anymore. I can speak, Firstly Robert Blake, The Champ, is my opponent but I don't care how many times you demolished Ben Song I've been there and done that now I've got my eyes on that belt of yours and I will not stop until that is around my waist and not over the shoulder of this waste of space. So before I go I'll send the second message of the day.
    *Todd throws the mic down at the floor and begins to kick Tom Drago before he gets down to his knees and begins forearming Drago in the head. Todd stands up and walks off looking proud of himself and wiping the blood from his shirt as the camera pans to Drago who is covered in blood and has a look of pain on his face. The camera then slowly fades to black*
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