String of Police Shootings

Discussion in 'Serious Topics & Debates' started by Roadster, Jul 7, 2016.

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  1. There's a link to the video, if you haven't seen it. Beware that it's pretty graphic.
    @CM Punk

    This is brutal.
  2. The dude in Minneapolis is blown up all over my facebook this morning, looks like a few friends of my friends were at the scene, but i'm going to wait to post on it until at least tomorrow so I can see more on the story. Still a pretty fucked up situation in general.

    ETA: forgot to add someone was live on facebook streaming it, but the video was deleted by facebook shortly after he passed away. Pretty interesting to say the least, although it is a pretty damn brutal video.
  3. I believe the stat I saw showed that there were fewer police-involved shootings in 2015 than in 2014 and the number was trending down in 2016 as well.

    The reality is that there are more cell phones with more people who would rather film everything they see (as evidenced by the plethora of pointless Youtube channels) than do anything else. The other reality is that neither of these incidents have been fully investigated as to whether or not the police (or the victim, for that matter) acted in a criminal (or negligent) manner. Once those investigations have been completed, I'll be happy to weigh in on whether or not any of these police officers did anything illegal or improper.

  4. I'll be the one to jump the gun here and voice my opinion before the investigation is over.

    The cops murdered a man in cold blood in front of his wife and 4 year old child. I guarantee if that was a white man with a concealed carry permit he'd be alive today.

    The cops in Baton Rouge may have more of a defense though. They say he was reaching for a tazer or his gun in his pocket. Though I fully believe that the police murdered an innocent man once again.

    And this Dallas shooting is equally as disgusting. I preach that Muslims shouldn't be treated badly or murdered because of their minority, and neither should police officers.

    This is a major issue that needs to be addressed. I don't want your #AllLivesMatter bullshit anymore, of course they do. But it's the same thing as straight pride day. We understand all lives matter and we fully agree, but apparently a lot of the people don't think black lives matter.
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  5. This 100%.
  6. Shooting policemen is disgusting. At least, an argument can be made that both extremists and moderate Muslims pray the same prayer, but shooting people because of what some people in another part of the country, who just happens to have the same fucking job as them, is completely retarded. I wouldn't even accept the idea that it's a desperate for a plea to help and justice, because this is just wrong. It makes no sense. I'm kind of at a loss of words, as to what these/this tard(s) are doing in Dallas.

    I think the basic thing to do, is actually working amongst communities. The stigma that all blacks, especially in broken communities, are dangerous, needs to be shed by helping to improve their lives. This is just another thing, that before we start shipping aid to foreign countries we should spend our money and focus on helping the people in backwater cities in the US, like Flint, who don't even have the basic necessities of life. Help them, and with it will follow society. This shouldn't be about who can bash more heads. It makes me sick.
  7. I just watched the reaction to a horrible shooting down in Orlando, and now seeing what's going on with this...

    First of all: Thoughts and prayers for the families of all these high-profile murders that happened today. Lives are lost in such senseless ways that are horrible, senseless, and tragic...

    But in a weird way, stuff like this disproves all these social movements. We can talk about whatever we want, black, white, gay, straight, you can be a walking rainbow if you want, idgaf you shouldn't be shot. This is still common knowledge to 99% of the country, I still believe... And we can talk about gun control. Or the religions of people and their outdated views or whatever. And the mental state of people, or the Illuminati... none of this matters in the end. It just doesn't. Absolutely nothing will change. A madman shot up a school in Sandy Hook and nothing changed. An army base was under attack and nothing changed. A church was shot up and... well that changed our views on the Confederate flag. Cool story, now here we are after watching fire being opened upon a gay nighclub and here we are talking about the same things again and again and wondering what will change and blaming Obama, we're all gonna go to the elections thinking "Man Congress is the worst, except our guy!" as the news goes back to the same old election cycle in a few days where they talk about anything BUT what actually matters because scandalous bullshit = ratings, eventually we may get fed up and vote some people out, but nothing ever changes. meanwhile mental illness sufferers (come in so many ways, among the nicest people you've ever met who legitimately won't hurt a fly) get pushed further and further away, we yell about our second amendment as the first amendment falls by the wayside during an era where more than ever we preach equality and...


    Sure. It's a sick world. Go out on Halloween and watch parents shit their pants with the thought of letting their kids walk the streets alone. Shootings or no shootings that's the case, because enough terrible things happen in every town to fill your hour long news block every night. But who knows what the actions of a select individual truly mean, as whether it's a twisted SOB shooting cops with a sniper or me grabbing this can of V8 to sip on, maybe it's not Obama's fault or this or that or the other thing...

    The quote of 2016 is "Any publicity is good publicity" and...

    sorry I was rambling at 3 AM and there's a point in there somewhere. have fun digging for a minute before getting to Pokemon Go, because at the end of the day you actually do kinda feel safe out there finding your Jigglypuffs in the middle of the road
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  8. Pandering to the pokeflugs, I see :adr:

    But I don't think the feeling of dread while your child is out is due to shootings. I think it's generally, a parent's instinct to protect their child from the obvious dangers. Whether that be a cricket to the bumhole or a gun to the head.
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  9. I'm seeing a lot of people talking about how they can't trust anyone and don't want to be outside after being pokeflugs earlier.
    And the second part is definitely true. Just stuff I'm thinking about from this.
    But in the end it just doesn't matter. Nothing will change, so may as well head back to the Lucha thread. Wednesday nights, 9 PM, EL Rey.
  10. What's worse, being a pokeflug or calling LU, Lucha? :angry:

    I think something will change, and it comes down to common sense. Cops are supposed protect, but they're undeniably people that scare others. I feel protected, living across the street from a station, and when I see cops taking down white trash on Spike, but I'm not exactly thrilled to see a cop stationed, to pull someone over that's going 1 mph above the speed limit +5.
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