Stripping Daniel Bryan of the titles is so wrong

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 11, 2014.

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  1. Stripping Daniel Bryan of the titles is so wrong he busted his ass all his life to be a wrestler and finally he gets his time in WWE to be the company champion and they strip him cos of a neck injury like WTF didnt they let Austin keep the title for months when he was injuried? how unfair is that
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  2. They stripped him of the Intercontinental Championship when he was injured, in fact. He was never seriously injured while holding the WWF Championship unless you want to count that hand injury that kept him from competing for two weeks in the Summer of 2001, but that was as minor as minor could be and he didn't miss any PPVs because of it.
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  3. All I could see for a thread title when I clicked on it was "Stripping Daniel Bryan..."

    Needless to say I am highly disappointed
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  4. Yeah, DB should've stayed champion so we could see the title as much as when the Rock held it recently.
  5. Austin was stripped of the IC belt.
  6. It's not real
  7. As much as I hate that decision, it's better off that way. He shouldn't be competing unless he's fully healed. Better safe than sorry.

    I'm sure he'll have another run. I mean, come on... They let bloody Miz have a pretty good/long title run. D-Bry should hold it for a very long time when he comes back, then...
  8. how dare they strip his pretend belt in this scripted television show! for shame! He earned it!
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  9. Daniel Bryan is sucks anyways. I mean really, he's not even over. Name one time people even cheered for him during his matches. You know who's really over? Zack Ryder. Zack Ryder is about 100% more over than Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder has had more title rains than Daniel Cryin.
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  10. Wrestling is about entertainment. I am entertained by Daniel Bryan in the ring, way before he was over with the crowd the way he is now. I in my heart of hearts prefer him without the title, just having epic matches. Wrestling happens without the belts lads.
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  11. *Busted his ass
  12. and his neck apparently
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  13. DB busted his ass? Gotta hurt :true:
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  14. That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read, including your grammar.
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  15. Everyone knows you don't show your hand even when you know it's the best on the table!

    Seriously fuck the "should we ban" threads, just put a notification up on how to ignore, and ask people to stop posting in these threads serious answers. Come on Lock, you know she didn't read your response, and Sycosis bro.
    @Danielson Fuck Daniel Bryan Zack Ryder has more title rains. Eat it bro. 100% more over.
  16. nope
  17. :blackshock:



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  18. i am a part of the yes movement with all my heart, but if daniel bryan cannot be champion than someone else can be champion. the wwe universe deserves a champion who can fight, and they deserve sheamus to have the wwe world heavyweight champion again. he can have all 3 belts now and wear them during his matches so people always know that he is the best.
  19. Ahh, kids these days...
    From the looks of it, you're taking things kinda seriously. I hate to break it to you, but...
  20. Gotta be a dick to the new guy?
    These Brocklesnarfanforlife threads are all full of shit. We all just troll her, these threads are garbage after the OP says go. Welcome to WWEF bud.

    I don't like Sheamus but you got your opinion, I'm a Zack Ryder fan and IDGAF how many people hate, and everyone does.
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