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Braun Strowman’s run with WWE has been memorable for a few things — like winning the tag team titles with a child at WrestleMania — but perhaps nothing more than his propensity for just flipping shit over. He’s flipped over the stage, semi trucks, all kinds of fun stuff.

But he’s got a really great idea he’s pitched to WWE the powers that be haven’t let him do just yet. You need to hear it (from his interview with Gamespot):

“I’ve pitched a couple of times in battle royales where I come out of nowhere and lift up the ring and dump everybody out of the ring before, so that I think would be a fun one,” explained Strowman. “I don’t think there’s much left to flip unless I ripped a whole roof off the stadium or something like that. I think I’ve destroyed about everything they’ve put in front of me. And Lord knows I’m glad I don’t have to pay for all the stuff that I break.”
I’ve never wanted anything more than to see Strowman flip a wrestling ring with a bunch of guys in it to win a battle royal.

Make this happen, WWE.

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Mustafar Reginald

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Not going to lie, I'd love to see that. I mean, I wouldn't want him to just randomly come out and do it but maybe he gets eliminated from a battle royal, and lifting the ring up to toss everyone else is just him throwing a hissy fit. Yeah, it's over the top and ridiculous, but it's not like I can take WWE's storytelling seriously anyway, I'd rather they just commit to the over the top and ridiculous, least I can find amusement in that.

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