News Strowman in line for World title shot by SummerSlam

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Shadow, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. Hate on Roman all you want but keep in mind that there is always someone worse.
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  2. That's awful.
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  3. I'm assuming this means he'd be working with Roman, the odds it'd be awful but it could tell a decent story if it's a nhb stip and the Wyatt family are involved (run ins galore for 15 minutes is probably the only way it could work)
  4. Eww, that's awful if true.
  5. lol conflicting reports. Reports I have seen say that Vince has cooled off of Strowman because he has realized that the guy is still way too untrained.
  6. A new legend begins.
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  7. If only I didn't make it up, April Fools.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Best joke we've had all day, honestly. Kudos to you, sir!
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  10. Guess Braun will be winning the ATGBR tmrw...
  11. If he's even in it... My picks are Henry, Strowman if he's in and Kane.
  12. Next years main event Kane, show, and strowman for the WWE world title
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  13. Be glad to see it, rather than these midgets who I could beat up.
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  14. Don't talk about KO like that. He's fat, but he would eat you
  15. You underrate my cholesterol levels.
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  16. There isn't gonna be a damn brand split. Strowman isn't gonna challenge for the title any time soon.

    I bet they Wyatts will interfere in Lesnar vs Ambrose and Strowman is going to get an F5. Thats why we haven't seen it yet because they've been saving it for the Wrestlemania moment
  17. Seriously? :ambrose2::really:

    Is :russo:(Vince Russo) writing the script now?
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  18. You are a God.
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  19. Had to show people how its it's done, gotta have more than a click bait title to make someone believe it. Would've liked to had a linkable source to drive it home, but not enough time.

    Should've let it go on a little while before I said anything too, try to get a serious debate about it.
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  20. The sad thing is that the reason the joke worked is because it's believable that they would do this.
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