Stuart Pearce Sacked

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 18, 2013.

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  3. Who the hell is going to replace him?

    I hope it's someone like Phil Brown...
  4. Has he been sacked? Or just contract not being renewed? Either way, no loss :lol1:
  5. dissappointed for him not his fault he did well with what he had the fa and pl clubs are more to blame for our situation
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  6. Gareth Southgate fav to take over. The cure to English football.
  7. Its not like it can get any worse plus look at the wonderful job he did at middlesbrough just ask cole

  8. Still hasn't found a cure for his ridiculous nose. I have no faith.
  9. Southgate favorite to take over? Finally a good decision by the FA.
  10. :notsure:
  11. He did an outstanding job at Middlesbrough broski.
  12. Not sure he has the presence to change the way England youngsters play football.
  13. He was terrible at Boro, jesus christ I was joking. He'll fail, nice guy and a good player, but he doesn't have anywhere near the ability or presence to be a successful manager.
  14. I was like this at your post o.O but the last thing I wanted to do was get into some football debate about Boro with the biggest Boro mark I know. Fuck you, Cole.

    England need a complete revamp, but that includes axing the national manager.
  15. hahahaha cole you had me worried there for a min only gs can take a team from the uefa cup final to the championship
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  16. I still think you would win tbf, I never win our debates. :okay:

    Agreed, I like having an English manager but I care more about England suceeding, if that means we have to look at foreign option, so be it. We need a manager with proven international experience imo, not Mark Hughes though god that would be embarrassing.

    Lol I know, ridiculous wasn't it?
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  17. Mark Hughes is a tactical genius :pity: The job he did at QPR was so good.

    But honestly, Rednapp. He played the style under Tottenham, and has publicly ranted about how we need to change at all levels. He is a big enough name and has a big enough ego/mouth to actually go through with it. He was the manager all Englishman wanted when they appointed Hodgson, but the FA need to stop kidding themselves. Gareth Southgate and Roy Hodgson - two managers with contrasting experience - are the best options for England right now? Roy Hodgson couldn't cut it at Liverpool (all be it a poor Liverpool side), and his other teams have always just been solid but not fun to watch. They appointed him due to his international experience... with like Switzerland 50 years ago or something. Southgate has had one managerial run with Boro right? Not sure if he's had more, but he failed epicly. Hell, his punditry is embarrassing to watch, so I have no idea how the U21 team are expected to develop or succeed.

  18. i don't know who be willing to take it though id like hiddink
  19. Forgot about Redknapp actually, yeah he could do it, hell he couldn't do any worse than we've had in the last years. Yeah Southgate had one run, he took over at a club who had just been in the UEFA Cup final, and managed to relegate us in 3 seasons, good luck guiding English hopefulls to greatness, he is simply not a manager, like you say it is clear by his punditry that he has a very basic football knowledge, he never says anything that we didn't already know or just spouts complete shit. I'd be happy with a Neville appointment tbh, it's never gonna happen but I'm certain he would make a great manager.
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