Stuff Non-Wrestling Fans Say to Wrestling Fans Thread

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  1. Post stuff that you hear non wrestling fans say to you or other wrestling fans.

    I'll start off with the most infamous one,

    "Hey, you know that shit is fake right?"
  2. Wrestling fans call it a soap for blokes!

    Non-Wrestling fans say u need no skills to wrestle! and call it gay watchin oiled up men in tights grapple!
  3. You took all the ones I was going to say!!

    "Why don't you watch real fighting like UFC?"

    Btw, great thread.
  4. 'Your gay watching grown men touch themselves in spandex. '
  5. I used to watch Wrestling . . . than I turned 5.
  6. "You do know that shit is all fake right? You never get hurt in that wrestling."
  7. "It's ALL scripted, they're trained to not get hurt"

    Yeah okay, trained to jump off a 20ft HIAC structure into one wooden table.
  8. "All the injuries are fake." This one annoys me more then most other comments as it's so disrespectful to people who are now struggling in life due to giving their life to wrestling. Examples include Edge, Bret Hart and Psycho Sid.
  9. This. :thumbup:
  10. ppl used to tell me that bladin was fake an it was blood capsules!

  11. Lmao as a kid I thought it was blood capsules. I only learned a couple of years ago what blading was. Weird I know.
  12. my mates dad was a huge WWE fan so showed us how it was done with his extensive wrestlin collection!
  13. :O Lucky. I had to figure it out on my own. I remember being the biggest Rey Mysterio mark when I was much much younger :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. @[Crayo] nowt wrong with Rey

    an lucky i dunno as a kid it took some of the magic off think id rather worked it all out myself!
  15. Yeah I see your point, and ofc not, Rey is a legend. I remember being insane marks of Scotty 2 Hotty and stuff. Cared more about the mid-card than the main event. Don't think many kids see WWE the same way now.
  16. @[Crayo] I was in late teens and still loved too cool and rikishi! givin chyna an jericho the yellow sunglasses for the dance was amazin! and the worm used to get near as big pop as peoples elbow!
  17. Oh The Worm made me mark hard. Loved that!

    Chyna, oh, how far she has fallen.
  18. OMG she's a mess a looks so rough! so sad cause she were alright!
  19. Psycho Sid?

  20. I'll warn you in advance it's not a nice sight. He broke his leg coming off the top rope.