Stunner vs RKO

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. RKO

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  1. Which do you think is more effective or painful, the stunner, or RKO!?

    RKO Compilation :emoji_grin:

    Stone Cold Stunner Compilation
  2. Well they are two completely different moves.
    The stunner is performed to hurt the jaw while the RKO to hurt the head.

    IRL a RKO would be more painful imo.
    (shoulder vs pavement)
  3. Can't choose. I love both of them as impact-finishers, probably the top 2 of all time.
  4. I'd rather take the pavement so I wouldn't have to deal with being glass-jawed lol. But yeah, I believe that the RKO would hurt like a b*tch after you woke back up :emoji_wink:
  5. With a stunner though, he literally pulled your head down to shoulder. RKO the opposite superstar has to jump aswell, so in terms of realism I guess stunner but as I said, can't choose between them for potential pain, or which I prefer.
  6. Oh and Crayo, if they are the top 2, then Brock Lesnars F5 must be a close 3rd then. oww how much that would hurt.
  7. @[Crayo] In terms of realism none of the moves can be performed.
    As for more painful I would with the RKo, how much a shoulder can hurt?

    Even though I believe RKO is a more painful move, a stunner,by SCSA, looks a lot better.
  8. Not an impact move. Impact moves are moves that don't last long, can be hit out of no where. RKO and Stunner are perfect examples. F5 takes being lifted up, threw in the air at a particular angle then falling with that person. But yeah, a great finisher.

    If you pull your head at enough force at your shoulder it might hurt a bit :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. True, ok, how about Big Shows knockout punch? That can be pulled out of nowhere haha.
  10. True but it's just a punch. Every single WWE Superstars use punches. I don't see how that's different to Wade Barret's punches. Maybe my hate for Big Show is making me bias, lol.
  11. It's different.
    Barrett knows how to punch.
  12. :coolgun: Tzesi does it again.

    Completely agree, lol.
  13. :rolleyes: @[Tzesi] must really want a special treat from me... after all, he is mentioaning Wade Barrett. :hurted:
  14. Can i say Diamond cutter? If not then the RKO for sure he can hit it from more postitions.
  15. Sounds really familiar.. Who performs this move?
  16. The diamond cutter ? It was DDP's finisher some of the variations he hit was incredible.
    Such as :
  17. Looks very similar to the RKO lol.

    Forgot about that though, RKO has been hit from some epic situations in 2011.
  18. It is the same move just Orton does his jump lol. Strangely enough Johnny Ace was the one who innovated the move I think.
  19. My favorite situation wasn't in 2011, but when Orton RKO'd Mysterio from the top turnbuckle when he was on the ground, that was amazing! :emoji_grin:
  20. The shooting star RKO on bourne was awesome too.