stupid cats.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by 2ECFIGHTING2, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Cats a So snobby and they scratch so much, they have weird freakouts. dogs are loyal. some cats are nice. and never scratch but over all, they are evil. i was laying down then all the seudden my cat jumps on my head and stacrts scratching it apart. ripping it to skin shreads. he claws gor stuck in my haird so she scratched more and her claws got stuck in my skin. my hair hurts. just look even flairs hair hurt. in a second he is going to bleed. :upset: :finger: you you guys despise cat as much as i?
  2. Yea cats suck. Except mine of course.
  3. i dunno, ive always been partial to pussy.....

    to each their own i suppose!
  4. This sexy bastard disagrees

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  5. Did he just copy paste his status into a post?
  6. it was too long, so it cut of so i said screw it. :boss1:
  7. Don't. Touch. Cats.

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