Stupid conspiracy theory about nukes that's beginning to gain popularity debunked! By me :3

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Apr 28, 2013.

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  1. Okay so alot of you guys know I am into Conspiracy Theories and I always question the truth and try come to my own conclusion rather than what I am told.

    Well I've just seen the link below be posted all over Facebook and shit by retards and pages and they're actually believing this crap.

    Well right now I am going to debunk this theory as absolute BULLSHIT.

    Lets start.
    The first thing you'll notice when reading this is that it is somebody saying that a Navy Seal Sniper with 200+ kills has told him all these crazy whack job things is going to happen but there's a few problems with this to begin with.
    1) This person states that the man is a Navy Seal Sniper with 200+ kills. Why would you say that? That gives away the identity.
    2) Later in this article he says the man recently got more confirmed kills by Chris Kyle but there has been nothing said in the media about it and you would think they would say something.
    3) If you're going to give out all that information on the person why not reveal their name? It would give the theory a lot more credibility if we knew the man who was supposedly saying those things to him. It states later on in the read that the person has also gone into hiding, so if he's already in hiding why not say a name?

    This within itself should debunk this retarded theory but I am going to go the extra step and debunk the rest so hopefully all the retards who actually believe this bullshit will shut up.

    "My new contact told me that several cities in Montana had been targeted with these nukes which they helped to intercept only a month ago. He told me that 9 men died in this defusing operation."

    So apparently NINE people die defusing a fucking NUKE and there's not one piece of evidence provided in the read and there has also not been a single piece of media coverage about it. I would think that if 9 people were to die, let alone US SOLDIERS and they were DEFUSING a NUKE there would be media coverage but there has not been one piece of media coverage on it, not a single thing has been said and the only thing that can make it credible is the guy saying it and I already proved he's not a very credible person with the first part.

    Now here's another problem with what he has said in this article. The NWO/US Government (whatever you wanna call it) have planted Nukes all over the country and they'll be going off sometime between May 5th - 6th. Let me explain why this is easily the most retarded piece of shit I've heard out of a lot of conspiracy theories I have read. The US Government already has a lot of enemies and with the amount of land they have the second the nukes go off they will be open to a full on invasion from enemy countries. If they were to nuke themselves they would lose so freaking many lives that could be fighting for them. Well over 100,000+ people would be dead that could have been fighting for them. If they Nuke themselves they're only making themselves weaker and leaving themselves wide open to attack. Even if other countries joined in on the fighting the US has one of the strongest Millitary's in the world, if that were to be halved by nuking their own country it would probably be the size of Australia's or maybe larger. The US has to many enemies and can't afford nuking themselves at the moment because if they do then they've basically wrote their own death wish.

    Then at the end he writes this.
    "Your ongoing support is urgently needed.
    I recently lost both my job and my home, and consequently am forced
    to continue this important work operating out of my vehicle.
    Please help me warn America!
    Support this urgently needed work TODAY..
    because it is later than we think for America.
    P. O. Box 2396, Columbia Falls, MT 59912"

    This shows it's an obvious fucking scam yet retards in this world still believe this piece of shit. How do they manage to believe something as crazy and wild as this with NO SOURCES and NO EVIDENCE yet they all seem to believe that the Boston Bombings happened the way it did. That story is full of holes and there is so much evidence that proves it was an inside job yet people don't believe it and instead believe this piece of shit.

    Now hopefully if you guys see any of your friends posting this retarded piece of shit you can just laugh at them for actually believing it because I've seen it posted a fairbit on Facebook lately.
  2. Do you ever wonder why no one posts in your threads?
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  3. I see stuff similiar to that on craigslist. People say they want to buy it and send it to someone over seas, but it's a huge scam.
  4. Because I'm black?
  5. Maybe.
  6. Those white boys are at it again Dat Kid
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  7. Yawn. TL;DR.

    You think if someone had all this information, and all the people who'd have to keep hush in the government about it and not one name is leaked? Give over.
  8. Dat cat smilie in the thread title though..... :3
  9. Only reason I even bothered with this is because of the amount of times I had seen it posted on Facebook and there were actually retards believing it :shock:
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