Stupid idotic so called wrestling fans

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ricky Daniels, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Well that is it I am done with that shitty group (probably gonna sound racist) and the majority of fucking idiotic Indians who cant understand when to shut the fuck up and just enjoy the wrestling/understand wrestling.

    Quite Clearly there is no self respecting fucking admin in charge as multiple comments aren't deleted and random adverts with nothing to do with wrestling aren't deleted. Further more they just copy and past articles with no link. And on top of that all they do is use the authorities chosen wrestlers to constantly ask for likes on their page, all they seem to do is copy others with no intent to modify or even bother trying to cater for fans/humans

    Rant Over.

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  2. Chill out and stick to WWEF, bro.
  3. I am. I really appreciate you guys, even adam.
  4. don't ever go on Facebook to check wrestling news. I just have good fun reading their funny comments tbh
  5. facebook? lul
  6. What in the fuck is this.
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  7. When I first came here, I was also a member of a Facebook wrestling group and it was awful. It ended with one of the other members trying to provoke me over and over with the admins doing absolutely nothing. Then the moment I finally stood up for myself, they removed me from the group. I think I ranted on here as well.

    Honestly, there is no better place on the internet that this forum to talk about wrestling.
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  8. Hey now come on don't man please don't come on man he is not your recommended daily dosage
  9. Wrestling fans on Facebook and Twitter are a bunch of losers. Bunch of idiots.

    Let me put it this way, fans on Facebook would spread rumors about John Cena dying. Like fuck, for real? He looked healthy last week on WWE Raw, dude! John Cena died? *Checks* Uh. Where does it say, bitch? For real? People fall for stupid shit on facebook all the time, it's unreal. My brother was like "John Cena died." I told him it's fake.

    So, really: Stick to reliable sources, or forums like this one.
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  10. Good 'ol Indian fans.
  11. Indians + Wrestling = Deplorable.
  12. Why so butthurt.
  13. I hope everyone here learned a valuable lesson about Facebook. Most of that site is garbage now and has been.
    No offense to the people on here who enjoy using it, but I have seen and heard nothing but bad things.
    The groups on there only care about getting attention. A good chunk of the people only care about impressing others or making others jealous.
    It is a giant online high school with no learning where everyone thinks they are popular.

    There is no reason to get mad about the stupidity on there though, you can find that on most sites. Anything that is centered around being self-centered is best to be avoided. Forum networking > Social media.
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  15. It definitely has it's lows, but things like Facebook and Twitter have lead to massive flow of info. Whether you think a globalized world is good or not, it has benefited someone, in more ways than just looking good or seeing something funny.
  16. I am sure it has benefited some people but it has hurt more than it has helped.
  17. You know what I'm gonna do? I'll tell you fine people what I'll do. Really! You are all fine individuals, lovely people. I love ya! You know I do. You're fantastic, the best. And to protect you great people, to make WWEF great again, I am going to build a wall between us and those dirty rotten Indian wrestling fans. They bring in rapists! And I'll make them pay for it.

    How, you ask? I'll just make them pay.

    *Becomes President of the WWE Forums*
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