Stupid spider :(

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Sep 13, 2012.

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    Big pic btw

    See that fucker in the top corner thinking life is sweet. He gon' die.
  2. That's relatively small compared to some of the ones we get here.
  3. I think spider's are attracted to you Crayo. :otunga:
  4. Picture makes it look way smaller as I was fully zoomed in. Gonna go and get a better pic.
  5. New pic:

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  6. I hate spiders. :cry:
  7. I know right? Fucking things keep coming in because I leave my window open.
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    Second one crawled across my laptop and I threw it out the door.
  9. Omg that's disgusting. Are you not scared? :((
  10. Don't mind spiders that much. Moths however :mog:
  11. Spiders make me cringe.. alot..
  12. I'm the opposite. Can grab a Moth by its wings and watch it flap around like a tool but if a spider comes to protect its ass then I'll be running.
  13. Weakling. We use spiders in street sports, so I'm not afraid of them
  14. I prefer to actually play sports instead of watching spiders play sports.
  15. Me too :pity1:
  16. No. XDDD We let the spiders wrestle with each other
  17. If they both end up dead then sweet.
  18. Hey! My spider won 10 times in a row and it died because of my brother accidentally stepping on it!
  19. This thread. :lol1:
  20. Your brother is now a God.
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