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  1. So sites like Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo have a section for things that are currently trending on social media sites and the news.. I glance at them every now and then just because they sometimes have interesting things on there but a lot of the times I see some trending things up there that have NO business being advertised in that type of manner..

    Over the past couple of weeks I've kept note on some of the dumbest ones I've seen, for example;

    - Lizzie McGuire on Facebook (a show that had aired and ended before Facebook was really a thing..)
    - Couple hides a secret they're having twins until day of birth.. on Facebook
    - RedStuff.. on Twitter
    - Fox eats Sandwich near Chernobyl radioactive site.. Twitter/Facebook/Yahoo

    I thought it might be amusing if we all share what are some of the stupidest things you've seen trending on social media sites that have no business trending?
  2. Lizzie McGuire is trending because there is a reunion pic of them. lol

  3. Royal baby again. Even in the US it's #1 trend.
  4. Yh I maybe British but it is annoying, This made me laugh though.

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  5. I will never understand why anyone gives a flying fuck about the "Royal Family".

    They don't even do shit. Who cares.
  6. Damn society..
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