Stupiest things WWE has done?

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  1. What are some of the stupidest things wwe has done? it can be storylines, not pushing someone, empolying cole anything
  2. Mark Henry and may young and the hand baby....

    End of story case closed!
  3. thats one of many lol
  4. There's too many. It's impossible to state them all. I don't even know where to start from.
  5. being family friendly
  6. taking kanes mask off!
  7. Putting Cena in the championship picture again :facepalm1:
  8. cena is a good champion
  9. Almost everything they do is stupid.
  10. Not kept Lesnar wrestling all the time after going over Triple H :blown:
  11. One word. Cobra.
  12. AGREED!
  13. Why is that bad exactly?
  14. Putting Cena over Lesnar was pretty stupid. :facepalm1:
  15. Katie Vick.
  16. Ha forgot about that storyline.
  17. Nah that shit was hilarious

    I'll say giving Christian a 2 day WHC reign after his first major championship victory in WWE was the dumbest thing I can recall them doing off the top of my head
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  18. Hornswoggle as cruiserweight champion
  19. Hornswoggle being employed at all is worthy of making the list
  20. Hiring The Great Khali, then making him world champion
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