Styles Clash Banned!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. The frick? :dafuq::annoyed:

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  3. :phew:
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  4. It's a WM moment ffs....hell maybe a ppv after in a big feud.
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  5. LOL at these silly reports.
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  6. I mean, Samoa Joe's "Muscle Buster" wasn't banned after breaking Tyson Kidd's neck with it, so yeah, the Styles Clash is safe.

    Now, all they need to do is bring back the Curb Stomp!
  7. We've seen it three times now, lol. Just the Calf Crusher is his main finisher, why wouldn't it be? It hurts so much you don't even have to work on the leg during the match!
  8. And the punt kick!
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  9. I don't like the Styles Clash. It looks silly.
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  10. Since when is the Styles Clash a WM moment?.. It's not that big of a finisher.
  11. Looks like something he does on @Shadow's mom :happy:

  12. Also, lol at the Andersons Asshole sign
  13. Was a shitty move anyway, and the name didn't do it any favors. However, the Pedigree is an even lamer finisher for Rollins. He doesn't have the build or size to make the move look good, and he just looks awkward.
  14. Jericho defended it... we good. close one
  15. Jericho also defended Wade Barrett and The Nexus...:true: :pipebomb:
  16. Isn't that a good thing?
  17. Is it a good thing that Wade Barrett and The Nexus lost single-handedly to John Cena at their biggest show and apparent "coming out party" only to spiral down to half their original size within a month before Barrett got booted 6 months later? I think not.

    Jericho carries no weight, in the WWE. He likes wrestling and the WWE likes the small ratings bump and extra Fozzy fans that come to watch their guy wrestle. That is really the only reason he is still brought back. Other than that, they don't care what he has to say because apparently, every single run he has had with the WWE had some sort of "butting of the heads" creatively.
  18. I disagree.

    I like Curb Stomp. Also, the name could be switched back to Blackout.
  19. It's dangerous, though. If botched, say goodbye to your neck.
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  20. lol I thought he was talking about the Styles Clash. I'm stoned. Curb Stomp is cool.
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