News Styles, Nakamura, Anderson, and Gallows update

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. In an update from earlier, WWE has reportedly signed New Japan Pro Wrestling stars AJ Styles, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson and current IWGP Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, according to The group reportedly informed NJPW booker Gedo that they were finishing up before WrestleKingdom 10 this morning.

    No word yet on when the four will begin work with WWE but Nakamura apparently is not leaving early as he will most likely drop his title before leaving.

    Anderson was reportedly also in talks with TNA and close to signing but the WWE deal came through instead. Anderson, Gallows and Nakamura are expected to honor their Ring of Honor dates for February and AJ is likely done with ROH going forward.

    Source: PWMania

    Satan is real, NXT confirmed to Takeover.
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  2. Would've preferred Tama over Gallows, but it is what it is. NXT was supposed to expand, and that's what all the signs are pointed to. I'm still not completely sold on Nakamura, the other three seem like shoe-ins though.
  3. If they don't get better now, I will riot.
  4. Inb4 they all join Balor Club.:styles:
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  5. **Prays that they're on the Toronto Network show I'm going to.**
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  6. Lol Toronto sucks, you'll be lucky if you see your mom compete on nxt
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  7. How much politics did Balor pull to sign Festus?

    Other than that. Huge blow to NJPW. Sucks for them, but is great for WWE. Absolutely horrible for New Japan.
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  8. They're probably going to group Anderson and Gallows together, so it makes sense. But yeah, it had to have been a combination of efforts to get him re-signed.

    Nakamura and Anderson do a good amount of damage, but nothing they can't rebound from. Bullet Club plateaued in popularity months ago, and they haven't been all that captivating recently, collectively anyways. The rest of them dissolving, or merely being allies isn't going to hinder anything.
  9. Styles i expected to happen, other three especially Naka is surprising. I cannot see what they will do with Naka but he is charasmstic as fuck and that is always a plus. Maybe this is a way of wwe trying to pull in the Jap fans. Good luck to nakamura
  10. [​IMG]
    My nightmare doesn't need to come true.

    The Tweet has already been deleted, though.
  11. Good move for NJPW long term actually, since it will force them to shake things up.

    Also if this means Haku is now the leader of Bullet Club I am all for it
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  12. Guns and Gallows aren't really gonna be that big of a loss I think. AJ and Nak, well, goes without saying. Hopefully this doesn't happen though.
  13. I'll believe it when I see it and not a second before. IF they've signed with NXT, then I'll mark so hard for AJ, Nak and The Machine Gun.
  14. Honestly, the NXT brand has been kinda weak with most of them going to the main roster. This could shake up things. I feel like Sami will be in the Rumble so we'll only have Finn and Hideo on NXT.
  15. I'm equating NXT to ECW reincarnated, the third option. But you know, minus the fallout. NXT becomes apart of the main roster, not saying it'll be moved to the USA channel, but it will be treated as such. Them ramping up touring was the beginning, and they're going to put even more focus towards it going forward. With names like Styles, Nakamura, etc. they'll be able to run the same venues the main roster does with ease.

    EVOLVE will probably their real developmental territory going forward, much like OVW was back then.
  16. NXT is a finely constructed plan. NXT is put together by Hunter and a crack team so that they have the best possible developmental, with the added bonus of showing Hunter in a positive light. So when he takes over from Vince, the stockholders don't panic.

    What happens with NXT once Hunter takes over the main roster remains to be seen, but for the foreseeable future it will continue to grow as both a brand and developmental
  18. -My fear is that outside of a "family man" and whatever he was doing at the time, AJ didn't have much of a character in TNA or the indies. Never needed it, his talent could carry him. But just being a dude who does a pose on the ramp and wrestles a match is a JAG in WWE. Maybe he'll be the next Cesaro and have such spectacular work that it'll carry him past that. He's good enough. Then again, Breeze and Neville...

    -Gallows is bring back ADR flashbacks. He was ass in WWE before but thrived in the hard-hitting atmosphere of New Japan, him coming back here is a bit of a bummer. Doesn't seem like a guy who will be depressed about coming back, so we'll see. Wonder if Amber's coming too?

    -Anderson is great, and we can use a new smashmouth guy in the midcard. Welcome addition.

    -Nakamura... Is it weird to think he could be something like Asuka? A goofball, lovable, charismatic but will KICK YOUR ASS. All caps. Racial stereotypes worry me, as does the language barrier and working the WWE style, but there's too much talent here to not be optimistic.
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