Money in the Bank Styles vs. Nakamura at Money in the Bank

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by MildlyUpsetGerbil, May 17, 2018.

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    It doesn't end, does it? We're gonna get another AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura at Money in the Bank, with the stipulation this time being a "match of Nakamura's choice". What do you guys think the stipulation should be? Should this feud even be continuing in the first place? And above all else...will WWE actually put the title on Nakamura after all this time?

    WWE SmackDown results, recap, grades: Nakamura wins stipulation, Money in the Bank qualifiers
    Styles to clash with Nakamura at WWE Money in the Bank
  2. Iron Man Match, 2 out of 3 Falls Match, or I Quit

    Yes and no. If the feud was basically just two wrestler going at to prove who was better and you took out the Low Blows then it would be good, but with how it is currently just let it end already.

    Probably not, but then again they did put the belt on Jinder after all.​
  3. They took a match that two years ago was a really excellent match in NJPW and failed to deliver on it now what, 4 times? They took Nakamura, who was so hot at the time that time he came to the main roster that the freaking arena sang his LYRICLESS song after it ended. They made him look pathetic in a feud with Mahal, briefly brought him back with a great Rumble match... and now have him embroiled in a feud that should be epic but isn't.

    AJ Styles has been over the past couple years the best thing WWE has had going for them IMO. With Nakamura's WWE credibility really down right now and AJ's really up, they'd have to be foolish to put the belt on Nakamura now. Now, reread my first paragraph to determine if they are foolish or not.
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  4. They should put the belt on Shinsuke by now but remember Vince doesn't think that wrestling fans can get behind a foreign wrestler whether they are Japanese or a Luchador or whatever. I mean yes they did it with Jinder, but that was a stunt for WWE in India more or less. I actually have no problem with Shinsuke having his new theme, being heelish, or even refusing to do interviews because it reminds me of Bullet Club and how the refused to speak Japanese and stuff, you know, but I honestly think the Low Blow thing has made this feud in a comedy act if anything, and that is sad because you have two talented wrestlers who have proven themselves and yet you have stuck one of them with low blowing the other, and the finish to one match as a double low blow. Hell, their match on Smackdown recently actually was one of the better ones since Wrestlemania, and that is speaking volumes in a sense.

    I think this feud and some others showcase the writers of WWE have no clue on how to write a good feud or even know what to do with a certain wrestler, and with the talent, they have right now it should be easy or at the very least make some sense. I mean for fuck's sake Carmella defeated Charlotte by kicking her knee at Backlash, I mean come on that is stupid on too many levels.
  5. this is honestly a bit heartbreaking to look at. Their Mania match could have been way better if they had that styles clash counter be their 1st false finish, because that would have definitely put the match into second gear given that the crowd popped for the spot. Then they went on and made their last 2 encounters a complete waste with 2 no-contests. I would rather have had them play hot potato with the belt for a while rather than having them painfully stretch this out.
    Anyways, this better be their shining moment. I heard that they're gonna do a Last Man Standing match, which is bullshit given that we just had a double count out with both men not being able to make the count, so I'm leaning more towards an Iron Man match. As far as who's gonna win is concerned, I don't think it's too late for Nakamura to win this title and it would definitely help him more than it would Styles right now, but I wouldn't be shocked if Styles gets to go over again to bring Joe into the mix or smth
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  6. All of this means nothing if the match at MITB is amazing. All is forgiven
  7. Nak should have won at Backlash. That was their best match in WWE IMO (Backlash, Smackdown, GRR and WM in that order).

    What type of match for MitB? Ladder match
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  8. Wouldn't it be excessive to have three ladder matches on a card?
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  9. You can never have too many ladder matches on a card
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  10. Whatever it is, let's just get it over and get on to AJ vs Joe already
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  11. Giving it to Nakamura just means this feud will likely continue... Styles can retain and move on to Samoa Joe or somebody like that.
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  12. Styles is the money maker. Nakamura deserves a chance to run with the belt though. I remember back in the 90s where feuds were quite the rocky horror i mean they just splat splash OMG feelings of incredible ongoing stories where matches felt real now a days we have "I seen that" or "predictable" and such but it's the era we live in but basically nakamura should at least get a chance to hold the title if its a failure give it back to styles or give it to joe.
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  13. but the belt on Nakamura. He can drop it at Summerslam and it wouldn't hurt him. If he fails to beat AJ, then I don't see him winning the title again. A must win for Shinsuke
  14. He can have a chance to hold the title later. It doesn't have to be right now.
  15. I do agree that WWE ruined a lot they had with Shin, and that their matches thus far have been not as good as they should have been. I wonder if someone backstage is pulling the strings on this feud telling them exactly how their matches will go. I can’t imagine that styles and shin are getting free reign with these matches, because if they were, they wouldn’t suck so bad.

    I guess it depends on what WWE is trying to accomplish. Perhaps they’ve wanted to turn shin heel for quite some time and test the waters. Who knows exactly, but I have a feeling that they’ve been building towards this last man standing match. I have a feeling it’ll be damn good. This match doesn’t negate how bad the other matches have been, but I think this upcoming one will steal the show.
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  16. The Club win the tag titles and then help Shin defeat Styles. Shin starts a new stable w/ The Club