Suarez is a top 5 player

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Dec 4, 2013.

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  1. Discuss.
  2. Is this Jonathan? Go jerk off to Borini
  3. its Xanth and Suarez is racist
  4. Messi

    Yeah, probably
  5. Great player but he falls outside of top 5 for me.

    I'm sure Suarez either hates Norwich so much he try-hards against them. Or Norwich have a squad of Liverpool fans, and just play like Sunday footballers to help them win :emoji_wink: Every time Liverpool plays Norwich, it ends with Liverpool molesting them.
  6. He's a racist absolutely but does that discredit his ability?
  7. To some degree I'm sure. If you were the owner of a team considering both Suarez's ability and image would you pay him like a top 5 player in the world? He may perform as such on the pitch but you can expect a good deal of your fan base to dislike the move based on his personality.
  8. Yep I would, if there's anything to be remembered in football it's success helps people forget. Take Cantona kicking a fan and still being regarded as one of the greatest of all time as an example. How does fanbase effect ability also?
  9. Obviously racism has no direct effect on ability if that was the cut and dry question you were asking, no shit.
  10. So why bring it up in a thread about his ranking as a top 5 player? If we're asking if he's humanitarian of the year shit on his actions no end but if we're talking about his ranking as a player then of course it's that cut and dry.
  11. It was a joke that you are looking to far into for starters, but if you really want to have the discussion we can. I've already given you one example of how his actions/personality could effect his playing career. If he is less respected by his peers/the media he is less likely to garner consideration for awards and praise which in turn leads to less of the masses of average viewers praising him, because lets face it most fans are only repeating things they here on tv or radio.

    I would continue on but I'm honestly not even sure if you genuinely don't see how it can be brought up or if you just wanted to try and take a shit on me since that is your thing these days. The @Senhor Perfect to my @Champ Johnson
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  12. So it's a joke.

    So his recognitions is down that doesn't effect his ability, this thread doesn't hold any weight for anyone but an individuals opinion. It's not asking if he'll be in any team of the year or gain anything that requires external validation. All it wants you to do is choose for yourself and agree or disagree with the statement, it's simple. Neymar played in Brazil where countless people had never heard of him did that mean he has magically gained ability now he's at Barca with more of a media frenzy also? The media influence a ton of people but this is a simple opinion based thread, if you're swayed by it then sure his racist past can come into effect but you've never struck me as that type and even admitted earlier it has no bearing on your judgement of his ability.

    It's not a case of taking a shit on you, I treat most people in this way. If I disagree with you I'll say so. Sometimes I'll say some random shit because I'm bored but most people receive that.
  13. Xanth told me he voted 'no' strictly because Suarez is a racist scumbag. My theory holds water
  14. Good for him.
  15. i get what dolph means its easier to criticise a player when there as big as a **** as suarez compared to a player like van persie who seems like a nice person on and off the pitch if you get my drift
  16. It still doesn't make him any less talented though does it? That's the only issue I have with this, hate on him for being a little prick but it's like hating on Tyson for his convictions you can't deny he was a phenomenal fighter at one point. Know what I'm saying?
  17. Yes lol i kind of agree with both of ya anyway suarez ain't even the best player this season in the bpl imo
  18. He's been one of the top ones IMO, I love his play but dislike him as a person since the Evra situation and it was made worse after he bit Ivanoich (sp). That to me was more despicable than the whole racism thing for me, seems I'm in the minority with that though.
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