Suarez's sexy goal vs Newcastle

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I demand a Suarez smiley.
  2. That was silky, but his face will never be added to this forum in any capacity. :gary:
  3. Fuck off suarez.
  4. Suarez > RVP :smug:
  5. :haha:
  6. :lol1::laugh::dawg::tyson::terry:
  7. :cornette:
  8. I honestly think RVP and Falcao are the stand-alone best strikers in the world.
  9. I thought Messi played up front? Maybe I'm wrong.
    Oh and you forgot Balotelli. :boss:
  10. Messi is a CF, like Rooney, like Ronaldo, like Neymar, they have no set positions. Those types of players are the "BITW" candidates.

    Balotelli is way too inconsistent, he's not even close, but his life > there's.
  11. I see, so you mean like out and out strikers rather than Rooney where he tends to drop back?
    Lol I was only kidding about Balotelli, but I hadn't used that smiley in a while, somewhere Balotelli is ashamed of me.
  12. Suarez is :boss1:
  13. LOL! I don't even watch Soccer(Football). I feel special, but go Ballack! - Germany
  14. Yeah, Rooney is a CF, RVP can be but he's a striker really. As a pure striker, RVP > Rooney, as a CF Rooney > RVP. RVP is top notch with Falcao, I admire both of them so much.

    As for Mario :boss: :emoji_grin:

    He's a talented footballer who is a racist faggot, his attitude lets him down greatly.
  15. Oh right then I can't disagree with you there, you aren't gonna find a more consistent goalscorer than RVP anywhere and as for Falcao I haven't really seen much of him but from the little I've seen he looks immense, I remember in the Champions league last year I think when he just tore City to shreds, he is going to be a very big star.
  16. Indeed, and it looks highly likely Chelsea or City are going to get him. Fuck :emoji_slight_frown:.
  17. :emoji_slight_frown: I hope not, I'm sick of those two just buying every player under the sun, I mean seriously what was the point in signing Sinclair and Moses? Although both are and will be very talented footballers they will never cut it in a side looking to win the league imo.
  18. No idea, swear they just buy players for fun. Disappointing though, I'd much rather them develop players through youth. :emoji_slight_frown:
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