Subliminal Food Ads

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. OT : Dude sounds like Xanth. lol
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  2. This is interesting too...

    Damn you junk food!

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  3. Go swap panties with your sister :gtfo:
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  4. Two can play this game Sally. :tough:
  5. Watched both.

    The OP video is boring, and whilst I don't doubt subliminal messages in marketing (many are quite obvious), some of these dude's claims are a stretch (to say the least) lol.

    "McDonals = M = female breasts = chicken breasts" :george: :harvey:
  6. He just liked her berbies :haha:
  7. :gusta:

    That video did make me crave some fries though lol

    :blackshock: :okay:
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  8. I know right... :happy:

    :shock: :why:
  9. They show food, and I buy it because it looks good. Nothing secretive about being fat.
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  10. 'murrica lad
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  11. When I had cable I remember seeing McDonald's commercials all the time... Like no wonder America is so fat. Most of the commercials are about food, cars and beer. Everything is made to look better on TV too... Like what group of young 20 somethings will you see at a McD's that are healthy and in shape having a blast over some greasy crap they call food. I mean really. I want some real commercials... Like the big fat dude that goes through the drive through and has to eat a hand full of french fries before leaving the parking lot. lol
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