Submission Match - Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle

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    Tournament continues to crown the new World Heavyweight Champion....​

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    Such a finish, Aries fucking tapping to an injured Angle
  3. ^Won't spoil myself the match finish, but I did hear it was a very good match.
  4. I saw the end of Sabin V Hardy verrrrry good match one of the best I think in TNA, I am actually tuning in to see Angle v Aries!
  5. Why is it you never make the LD?

    You work 2nd shift, right?
  6. Because you're an idiot.
  7. If it meant you would be in Impact LD's, i would gladly no show.
  8. Yeah, I'm the night shift on Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays. But I hate live discussions too, they don't attract me at all.
  9. With great power, comes great responsibility, hillbilly Spiderman.
  10. The Hoff has a strange feeling that Angle and Roode will be in the finals.
    HAHAHAHA that made The Hoff laugh, hillbilly spiderman. I think The Hoff may use that one :terry:
  11. Full match:

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