Extreme Rules Submission match planned for Extreme Rules PPV

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2013.

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  2. Guess that means ADR is going over at WM and Ziggler won't cash in.
  3. Source? :pity2:

    But seriously, I was kinda hoping they'd do this at Wrestlemania with Ziggler cashing in. Although this seems pretty likely to me, because I think they'll be tempted to stick the belt on Swagger given all the media attention he's getting.
  4. Not really, the report isn't stating that it will be a World Heavyweight Championship match, just that the feud is continuing after Mania. Just because Dolph cashes in doesn't mean Del Rio will get a rematch on the next PPV or that his feud with Swagger will be drop. It could end up as a number one contender match for the World Title or it could simply mean that Del Rio will get his rematch on Smackdown, probably ending with Swagger costing him and causing Del Rio to realize he has to deal with Swagger before trying to win the Championship again.

    Also, even if it said it was for the World Title, that wouldn't mean Del Rio is going to win since they could have Swagger win and then just hold the rematch at Extreme Rules.
  5. This would be good, saving up the stipulation for the rematch.
  6. Prefer I QUIT match. Don't know, it's better in my opinion
  7. ....

    ADR and Swagger are both guys with submission finishers...

    Not like they drew this stip out of a hat
  8. I know, but an I Quit match is harder for them, it's harder to say "I quit" than just taping out
  9. One works on the arm and the other the ankle. I think it would be cool if Del Rio messes up Swaggers arm so much, that when he goes for the ankle lock, he can't apply it. Basically letting Del Rio win by default.
  10. Rather see Bryan in a submission match tbh.
  11. This would be a great way to use basic psychology, I'm down for it.

    Who wouldn't ? I still wanna see him Vs Jericho under this stip, it'd be like Benoit Jericho all over again.
  12. When the hell is Dolph cashing ?
  13. Mania.
  14. It'd be slightly anticlimatic, I know it's a Mania moment but he'll be cashing in on the first match of the card probably which is just meh imo. Especially when no one will remember it as it's all about Rock / Cena and Punk / Taker.
  15. Yes, but I don't know, I think it'd end up being the best moment as if he cashes in on Raw or SD (which is possible) after a random beat down it'd feel generic. If they can work something out for after WM that feels relatively fresh (as there are only so many scenarios that you can do) I'll be OK with it, and if it happens after WM this losing streak he's been on will also be sort of useless. Plus, he won't have a big part on the card if he doesn't cash in.
  16. He has been jobbing to Ryback ,Miz etc.. The WWE has built him as a loser then why should they let him win the title at WM ? They should book him strong to make us believe he will be a huge champ
  17. Welcome to WWE's logic.
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