Submissions missing?

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  1. I've watched some recent WWE maches, I used to watch only onld matches, seems that submissions are missing.

    I've always been a fan of tapouts and submissions.
    Kurt Angle,Chris Benoit had always great matches and they almost ended their matches by forcing the opponent to tap out.

    Don't you think we should see a bit more "ground game" in WWE instead of repeatedly flying around the ring?
  2. Moved it to what I think is the right section... lol. Very interesting thread. I think continued ground games will encourage the "boring" chants. But if you mean more superstars with tap out finishers, then I agree. I mean we have Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio with tap out finishers, but no one else really. Taker has his one, and Cena has his, but it's not that common no. It's all about the impact. I think most established superstars should have a tap-out finisher, will just make the matches even better because it's yet another scenario where you have no idea if one superstar will win or lose.
  3. Submissions are still there but the problem is babyfaces don't tap anymore.

    A few examples of submissions being used recently include Jack Swaggers ankle lock, DB's guillotine and lebelle lock. ADR uses to cross arm breaker, Dolph uses the sleeper occasionally also Punk has the anaconda vice which I think they're building back up after SVS. The regal stretch which Bryan has used occasionally aswell as Regal of course.