Subzero Siggy by Rhodes

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Jul 28, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think?
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  2. Rhodes is slightly blocked by his shoulder so move it over slightly, beside that seems pretty awesome.
  3. I meant to do that Seabs, rule of thirds. I can move it over a bit though, hold on.
  4. Nice choice :true: Sub-zero is a badass
  5. @[Seabs]
  6. That does look better IMO, although I am a graphics idiot lol.

    Sigh, just realized I set myself the target of September to hit 15,000 posts, I've done it by the end of July.
  7. Just a question, where do you make these?
  8. In his house.:otunga:
  9. Photoshop. I only used a render.. The rest was all done by me.. Here is the render @[Link]

  10. Alrighty thanks :boss1:
  11. And no, I won't make anyone these kind of sigs. They take too long xD
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