Sugar Daddy on Grindr

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Oct 3, 2015.

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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and type this myself. And give you guys the source here.

    Sean Crumpler, a 48 year-old, Colorado resident was suspected of getting young gay men off of Grindr and allowing them to live in his house in exchange for sex.

    A story from a 16 year-old who was in the Sex Cave, said that his friends recommend he see Crumpler so he can have a place to stay. He went to Crumpler's hotel room with his friends. He went to the bathroom and by the time he came back they were naked and ready.

    Crumpler had sex with the minor and only learned of his age after they had sex. The men were branded branded with a Tattoo by Crumpler to prevent other 'sugar daddies' from snatching the men up.

    Crumpler was HIV positive and refused to use condoms. He also had a gigantic inventory of weed and alcohol, despite not drinking or smoking at all.

    This is some really fucked up shit.
  2. 16 y/o.. I'll bet there were even younger boys too.
  3. This kind of stuff happens every day, just cause we don't see it in the news or read it online, doesn't mean it don't happen. I had a cousin who was molested and raped by good ol' dad who later went after BOTH of his step daughters. All of which were under 14. How do men like this have kids or even get married!?
  4. WTF? People are shit.
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