Suggest a theme for Ambrose.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. Skip to the future where he's now solo and back to his psychotic self, what theme would you attach to that?

    I'm bored and was trying to think of how I would present him earlier. Yes, I sometimes do that.

  2. /thread.
  3. An orginal theme in the vein of the original Mankind theme:

  4. This maybe, not so good but it's something the WWE could choose.

  5. Not bad.
  6. Forgot about this one:

  7. Holy shit I would mark if he came out to that lol.
  8. It has to be psychotic as well as bizzare, this fits perfectly

  9. Can't think of a song that I myself, would listen to that would fulfill his psychotic persona.

  10. can´t get more pshychotic than this :emoji_grin:
  11. Not available in my country. :annoyed:

    But I already know that song and... NO! :goatface:
  12. He needs something less heavy rock imo, if he's going to be psychotic I'd dig Miseria Cantare the whispered lyrics would work well.
  13. Yeah I'm not a fan of the heavy rock, it's too generic.
  14. I like the opening seconds of this before the beat kicks in.

  15. Psycho? Well this
    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler
  16. Personally I think he should come out to a really calm soothing piece of classical music which slowly turns into something nasty as he walks to the ring with him getting more and more agitated as he gets there and ready to rip someone apart.
  17. Psycho doesn't need to associate with metal-rock at all people.
  18. Neither of my posts were son!
  19. Not aimed at you @Cloud I agree with yours, something calm would work.


    Though this song starting from 0.27 could be awesome.
  20. :finger: Crayo maybe I want him to have those songs. Mine were perfect end of story :boss1:
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