Suggest me a movie; win an award.

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  1. You'll get the cookie award if you suggest a movie that I end up watching.

    Got a dominos coming and I'm one of those people that loves to watch something while eating, so help me. The movie can be anything really. I really want to watch a mental-health related movie after loving Donnie Darko, but don't narrow your suggestions down to that niche specifically.

    Help me people!
  2. Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  3. zombie flesh eaters. the title says it all.
  4. Rejecting those suggestions. Not the sort of movies I want to gamble my pizza-eating time on.

    Forgot to mention: you can suggest as many films as you want in your post.
  5. well i have no idea what kind of movies you like dude. am i supposed to read your mind?
  6. A Clockwork Orange X-Rated/Unrated Edition.
  7. Seen.
  8. No thank you.
  9. Why not, that is a fucking masterpiece.
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  10. The Room with Tommy Wiseau
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  11. what is the award we win anyway?
  12. lol are you trying to destroy his brain?
  13. 21 Jump Street, Stepbrothers, Jackass 1,2 and 3, The Other Guys, Shawshank Redemption, Schindlers List, if you want to laugh at Scottish people Braveheart, very recent movie to you need to torrent but heard its good 12 Years Of Slave, Indiana Jones first 3 aka the good ones, Anchorman 2, Jaws, on UK netflix there is a good documentary on Anonymous and finally The Godfather. I can try and find more since most likely you have seen all of these. Most of these are on Netflix.
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  14. 21 jump street was rubbish had nothing to do with the show.
  15. Zoolander, Reservoir Dogs
  16. 21 Jump Street was great.
  17. Cookie award. Click the medals page.

    This is the sort of post I'm looking for. Some nice suggestions there, but either seen most of them or not interested in the others. Anchorman 2 I don't think is out yet on torrent so I can't see that one. Might watch the documentary on Anonymous though.
  18. Groundhog Day
    Mulholland Drive
  19. you're fucking high if you thought that was a good movie
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