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  1. Want to change ours around for a couple reasons. Make them wrestling related, and not with answers like "Yes" and "no".


    "The "Rated R Superstar" is otherwise known as? Hint: Begins with E."

    "Who is the Chairmen of the WWE? Vince McMahon or Primo?"
  2. "Who won his gold medal with a broken fricking neck? Kurt Angle or Mark Henry?"

    "What does the E in ECW stand for? Extreme or Endurance?"
  3. Don't do multiple choice, bots will guess them.
  4. NVM misread.
  5. Here are some good examples:
    Unscramble the following letters to form a wrestling name: GLODGERB
    How many years has Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak lasted?
    Who was the first wrestler to enter a Royal Rumble as competitor #1 and win?
    Name the wrestler in the middle of our banner.
    Who is known as the "Big Red Machine"?
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  6. I suggest enabling email activation too.
  7. Who is the older Hardy?
    What does "ROH" stand for?
    Who's the youngest World Heavyweight Champion?

    But Solidius delivers as always.
  8. Going to steal a couple of these probably, nice.

    I try to make the registration process as easy as possible and not annoying, I personally hate activating emails on forums and I don't see the point.
  9. I like the big red machine one because almost everyone should know that
  10. Who is often referred to as goat face
  11. Who is the superior Leo?
    Who says YES and NO?
    What did the WWE Universe chant when Kurt Angles theme played?
    Who was the first WWE Champion? (includes WWF, WWWF, etc)
  12. Who says, "You can't see me?"
    Who is a straight edge wrestler?
    Who is Austin 3:16?
    Do you smell what ___ ____ is cooking?
    Who uses the 619 as a finisher?
    Who is undefeated at Wrestlemania?
  13. What's your obsession with 'chairmen'?

    There's only one chairman of WWE's board, not multiple. ChairmAn.
  14. Monday Night _ _ _
    Friday Night _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    *Glass Shatters - Who comes out?
  15. Please take your irrelevant opinion and shove it up your ass. Thanks.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. So roode!:dawg:

    Here's mines:

    - How many Tag Titles did Team 3D win in their career?
    - Is Devon a boss?
    - Why is Bully Ray's twittah machine in fact fire breathin'?
    - Who had more incidents? Matt Hardy or Jeff Harvey?

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  18. Lmao hilarious questions, but not appropriate :emoji_slight_frown:.
  19. Who says they aren't appropriate man? :downer:

    So much dissapointment going around here today.:upset:
  20. If Smoa Joe has 33 and 1/2 percents chance of beating Steiner at Bound for Glory, but then Kurt Angle gets added to Steiners' 66 and 1/2 chance leaving Steiner with 140% chance of beating Samoa Joe. Will Hulk Hogan have a greater chance of making a sex tape with Scott Steiner on commentary?
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