Suggest some end of year awards questions.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Crayo, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Next month is our forum anniversary (December 17th), so suggest some end-of-year award questions like "Overall best member?" and "Funniest user" etc.

  2. Best female/male member! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  3. Biggest Timewasting Thread.
  4. Best Spammer, (I've got to win at least one award)

    Most liked poster of the year.

    Most liked post of the year

    Most active poster of the year.
  5. Biggest Heel

    Biggest Face
  6. King of the friendly
  7. Superior Leo award, Best South American user, etc
  8. Clearly I should be crowned Viking overlord
  9. Greatest thread of the year.
  10. Best afro of the year award

    Best asskisser
    Best Poster
    Best MOTM
    Member of the year
    Most loyal member
    Most black member
    DAMN award
    Funniest user
  11. Best Asian User!
  12. Big Hoss Award 2.0
  13. Serious posts you bunch of noobs. Cba reading through silly ones like "best asian user" etc -.-.
  14. GOAT bitch? :pity1:
  15. An award for those who have been registered here for at least 1 year. They must nominate themselves one so the inactive fags can't get it.
  16. Just give me an award for trolling sandy ravage all year!

    Best heel!

    Don't make me resurrect Dixon Yamamda!
  17. Only like one or two users will get that award when I post the nomination thread lol and publish the results thread.
  18. Yah but more people will get it later on as time passes by. That's how all awards work pretty much.
  19. By awards I mean like the MOTM thread. They won't be actual awards on myawards.php page.
  20. Most underrated poster, although it'll probably go to Leo as he is named that!
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