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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Crayo, Mar 4, 2012.

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  1. Want to expand/change our user-title list because the current list we have is outdated. - Go there to see the current ones. Creative suggestions are best, like "LITTLE JIMMY" etc :emoji_wink:. But make sure they progress as they get more posts, and not all of them should be funny.

    Good luck! Might give an award to who ever creates the most/best.
  2. FCW recruit: 0-49 posts. --
    NXT Star: 50-99 posts. --
    Jobber: 100-149 posts. --
    Midcard Champ: 150-199 posts. --
    Jobber to the stars: 200-499 posts. --
    Chris Jericho: 500- 1000 posts. --
    Main eventing B PPVS - 1000 - 2500
    Wrestlemania Main event - 2500 - 5000
    Legendary - 5000+
  3. Upcoming superstar

    All for now.
  4. Like those.

    Like those for the more experienced posters.
  5. Inspiration running atm!!!

    Wrestling Hero
    Hardcore Member
    General Manager
  6. Haha you keep coming up with really good ones for experienced posters, need some good new poster ones :emoji_slight_smile:

    LITTLE JIMMY for example. "Parasite" (Chris Jericho), Mark, etc. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. Future was a good one for new ones imo.


    Colin Delany
    NWF (New Wrestling Fan) Fo Fo Fo LIFE Fo LIFE
    Spot Monkey
    Member of the J.O.B. squad
    Spirit Squad
  8. 1. Training in the Gym.
    2. Fighting in the indies
    3. FCW recruit
    4. Jobber
    5. Moving up the card
    6. Draw
    7. The Next Big Thing
    8. Main Eventer
  9. Loving these, keep them coming.

    @[Xanth] - tagging since you'll most probably want to take over and do these.
  10. Raising The Bar
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  11. Couple of of mine modest suggestions:

    - Shoveling
    - Burrying
    - Braden Walker
    - Mr. Excitement
    - Junkyard Dog
    - #HEEL
    - Naitch
    - Selling DVDs
    - Merch God

  12. Living under the ring
    Ring cleaner
    Mr. T
  13. 0-25 Mark
    26-50 The J.O.B Squad
    51-150 Indy
    151 - 300 FCW
    301 - 500 NXT
    501 - 750 Superstars
    751 - 1000 Mid-card
    1001 - 1500 Main Event
    1501 - 3000 Icon
    3001 - 5000 Immortality
    5001+ Mr. Hall of Fame
  14. In the backstage
    In the locker room
    Michael Cole
    Cleaning the belts
  15. Legend
    Hall of fame
    General manager
    Main event
    10k Hero
    Old timer
    Time out
  16. Some really awesome suggestions coming in, didn't expect this many. Nice :emoji_slight_smile:.
  17. Seller
    Come back
    Cena's sweatband
  18. Didn't expect? :shovel: all of us. Real classy Crayo, real classy. Yuu think we like DDP and longnecks and rednecks? Tonight.... I kill you! #YoFat

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  19. Made me :laugh: quite hard then.

  20. Looks like..

    Somebody's gon get their ass kicked.
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