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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by seabs, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. I was think maybe the site could do with a paypal donation button either at the bottom of the site or in the user bar. Like this : I'm not sure if it could be integrated but it would make it easier for people to donate to the site.
  2. Yeah there are a few myBB plugins for this. It would help for your reward system to earn that reward. Also would donators get a VIP status?
  3. Hmm, I'm sure if people were willing to donate, we could add an upgrade for donators.
  4. Would be awesome to add that. I was going to donate anyway but a reward for it would be great.
  5. Xanth how do we donate now anyway is it through paypal? If so whats the email?
  6. I'm not sure about donations just now because Crayo always has issues with Paypal.
    Once he gets online I'll speak to him.
  7. Okay, keep us updated :emoji_slight_smile:
  8. I'll add a page for it. I wanted to wait originally as I never like to add this in, as I don't want users getting the wrong idea. This site isn't for profit, the only money we want to receive is enough to cover hosting bills. But all donations are greatly appreciated.

    We'll add a donation page, and create an upgraded group today for donators. Try and come up with a name for it? Perhaps have it called "Superstars" or something.

    Yep, not called VIP but like I said above, maybe Superstars? Want it related to wrestling. :emoji_slight_smile:. You'd also get the donation award.

    PM me if you wish to have the email. I'll set up the page now, and reply when it's done :emoji_slight_smile:.
  9. What would be a suggested amount to donate for the 'Superstars' group?
  10. I think the upgraded group could be called: M.A.M - Main Event Mafia (8-8)
  11. $5 is normally the price I add for donation groups.

    Might make a poll. Superstars, M.A.M, Legends (probably use this for a future higher-level donation group).
  12. Okay I will get the money sorted and contact you.