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  1. Crayo just posted this on the sites twatter
    wweforumsnet WWEForums
    Thinking of introducing the "legends" group very soon. Got the colouring sorted etc. Just need some features suggested now. #wweforums

    He needs ideas for features so how about we list a few here for him and Xanth to choose from.

    Ideas I have are :
    Ability to see bans
    Ability to see warning levels.
    Can give up to 10 reps a day
    +/- up to 4 points.
    Larger PM box.
    Ability to see past edits of everyone if it's possible.
    Access to a legend only section where the rules are more relaxed.

    Post any you have.
  2. - View junked threads
    - Ability to post their Twitter updates to the site
    - MVP Area (Special forums access)
    - Bypass filtering
    - Bigger avatar allowment (please?)

    Those are my suggestions which @[seabs] didn't say I don't think.
  3. What do you mean by:

    -Ability to post their Twitter updates to the site
    -Bypass avatar allowment

    I guess the first one is similar to the one I have on the homepage, but on your profile?

    Also, Junk section could contain illegal posts like carding spam. That's why they're junked, even I can't see that section it's horrible.
  4. Who are all these legends you're talking about?
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  5. It's a usergroup we're adding fool! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Yeah, I mean they should beable to post their Twitter updates in the Twatter box on the index page by using the hashtag #WWEForums or something like that, though I'm not sure how you could add a username to the box?

    By bigger avatar allowment, I mean they should beable to have a bigger size. Like maybe 175x175? or something like that.
  7. That shouldn't happen in that box, if anything it should just be for your profile only. That is just for the official twitter.
  8. It can't happen anyway unless I retweet it. Nothing we can do about that.

    Avatars are a nice size now aren't they?
  9. Quick question will this have a requirement or will it be who ever had the money?
  10. Requirement to get approved.
  11. Both.
  12. You know what I meant, I get you have to pay but I wanted to know if there was a requirement or anyone could get in :upset: .

    Thanks Crayo.
  13. Xanth is slow, need to be patient with him.

    Anyway, good suggestions thus far. Anonymous is on the case as always.
  14. Ok, how about this Crayo, could you make it so the avatar width limit matches the userbar width?

    Also, Crayo, Is the price of "Legend" available for us to know, or is it "Top Secret" FBI material?
  15. FBI material. And maybe.
  16. Done, width limit is now 140.
  17. - HQ Posts
    - Contributions
    - 20 Likes or Reputation
    - $12 Regular > Legend
    - $6 Superstar > Legend

    For Legends Group Abilities

    - Ability to Junk Threads or Close them
    - Legends Section and Superstars Section
    - New Userbar
    - Get an Hall of Fame Ring Award
  18. But seabs is a tool! (it rhymes :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)

    On a serious note, who determines the "legends" and how's it gonna look like?
  19. There will be requirements which I assume only Crayo and Xanth will know. So you'll probably have to PM one of them to see if you're accepted. The look is sorted by Crayo and Xanth also.

  20. Pricing won't be that way, else people would buy superstar then legend to save that $1. But it'll be that sort of process anyway yeah. Not giving anyone ability to junk their threads since rogue users who want to leave would abuse that. Own section, userbar and award will be done.

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