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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 18, 2012.

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  1. I have an idea on how we should do title challenges/defenses. I think it should work on a betting system. Once a person gains enough forum cash they can challenge a Champion for his/her title. The more prestigious the title, the higher amount of cash you need to challenge for it. The champion puts their title on the line against the challengers cash. Challenger wins, they get the title. Champion wins, they keep their title and gain the cash bet by the challenger. I would imagine the levels would look like this:

    WHC/WWE Champion: $15
    Divas Champion: $15
    IC/US/Euro Champion: $12
    TT Champions: $10

    This way it rewards the most active users with title shots. We could also keep a thread open chronicling the histories of all the championships.

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  2. :no: :no: :no: I should get the money and it should be $20.00 to face ur regin/defend WWE Heavryweight Champion!
  3. I agree with Senhor Perfect and think it's a great idea. Maybe lower the prices slightly so that there are a few more title changes as it's difficult to build up cash without refers and new threads. But it's a fantastic idea and should lead to some interesting promos between ppl.
  4. Just spit balling at this point, I guess Crayo/Xanth can come up with the final prices if they decide to go for this idea.
  5. It's a great idea and I'm not disagreeing that it would encourage activity but if it's $15 and ppl are only replying to threads at 0.01 per post it's 1,500 new posts to challenge.

    So I feel if it was a little lower it would lead to a few more defences and keep it interesting.

    However it's a great idea and a good way to spend our earned cash.

  6. I totally get it, I know that's what you meant. The way I figured it is it would probably lead to 1 title defense a month. You know maybe even set up a WWEF PPV each month or something.....I'm such a nerd lol :dawg:
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  7. Great idea to use the cash system to challenge, I'm on board. These titles and stuff aren't ran by the site though, I think Britanica runs them, so I have no influence whatsoever, but I'll tag her.

  9. I'll leave it to the real Daniel Bryan to decide.

    :Vince: "Daniel, should this happen?"


    :vince: "Thanks Daniel. Also, does Crayo have a bigger penis than Randy?"


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  10. You just don't want to defend it. You're like Alberto Del Rio. Only without the destiny and epic ring announcer.
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  11. Screw that Del Rio! I will defend agaist someone who EARN AND IS NOT JUST HAND IT LIKE CENA! And that should paid $20 to face after that earn it!
  12. :bitw:
  13. I like the idea. Maybe change it to lower prices, having the WWE title be $5 and the rest lower then that, or keep them all $5. You still have to be pretty active to get $5 in one month, I am pretty sure the cash resets at the end of the month. If you want to make the thread and the rules go a head! I made the promo things to hand out the belts but once they were all given I told everyone they can challenge each other however they want. If everyone likes this idea, I do, go for it!
  14. Cash doesn't reset.
  15. Ohhhhh! Okay. Last time I checked it was resetting each month.
    Then maybe $10 would be better. This way the person who has the belt can hold it for awhile before someone can challenge them.
  16. If you want we can team up on this one, share the credit. I can make the threads and what not, just let me know who has what title so I can make a preliminary thread. I don't know if they've all been awarded yet. Then let's come up with a money amount we all agree upon and we can get started. If you guys are down with the monthly PPV idea, we can have the first one in January, vote on a name, and set up the challenges. My thought was that the challenger comes up with the bet, and then the champion gets to decide whether its fair. As GMs (if you don't mind Brit) Brit and I can void the decline of the challenge if we think the bet is fair. Ex "challenger bets AJ will kiss another man in the next year" is not a fair bet cause we know she will. However, "challenger bets John Cena will win the Royal Rumble" is a fair bet. Sound good.
  17. @[Britanica] Yes/No?
  18. Yeah thats fine! I believe CM Punk, Lady Deathbane, Danielson, Seabs, Farooq and Gohan all hold the belts right now. Then of course yourself.
    Made a thread in the locker area and see what everyone wants as far as betting, PPV stuff, ect.
  19. Danielson doesn't hold a belt :haha: I'm the tag team champions.
  20. You guys talking about the tag titles are forgetting about the master race.
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