[Suggestion] Impact Wrestling(TNA) section

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Harley Quinn, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. I think it's time to have Impact Wrestling to have it's own section. Impact gets tons of threads, and is very active. I don't see why it can't have it's own, as I said it has lots of threads, it's the second most known wrestling company, receives over one million views, it even has it's own discussion threads for shows and Pay-Per-Views, and it could be good to a lot of new members. I welcome the opinion of people who have a fair opinion on Impact Wrestling on this suggestion, I'll ignore the remark of a hater.
  2. [Suggestion] Impact Wrestling section

    The thing is, the "TNA & Other Wrestling" section pretty much is just TNA. We don't get enough "other wrestling" content for it to have its own segment. Giving TNA its own section would solve one problem but create another. What do you recommend?
  3. [Suggestion] Impact Wrestling section

    Ring of Honor, NJPW, and past wrestlers gets shown up on the part of "Other Wrestling" too.
  4. Yes but that doesn't mean anything. It gets no where near enough content to have its own section.
  5. It can get the same amount the PPV section does, and TNA has to many threads to be part of a section that shares with other wrestling sections.
  6. I highly doubt it will. It just can't have a section atm as there's such little content, unless perhaps it's a sub-forum in the TNA section but the section name won't change so that seems really pointless too.
  7. The "Other Wrestling" can be the sub section, since TNA has tons of threads and can still be part of the same forum, but having Other Wrestling on the sub section will filter out the non TNA threads, while still keeping the post count on that forum section.
  8. If IW leaves that Subsection other wrestling should be removed IMO, we just don't have the audience there sadly.
  9. What if we keep it on the same section, just add a section inside of it and put other wrestling in it?
  10. Because we'd have to still keep the section name as "TNA & Other Wrestling" which makes this process seem pointless imo.
  11. Suppose we could have TNA then a subsection there which mentions other wrestling, although wouldn't that come under the Crayo hates dead subsections issue?
  12. It would filter out the nonTNA threads on the main section though when you enter, and it won't be a dead sub section, it would be less active.
  13. It'd be a very inactive section for a start. Plus, if TNA & other wrestling is filled with TNA threads already, how is it hard to "filter" through the threads? It's mainly just TNA with the odd thread about another promotion.
  14. Not very inactive, it just maybe one or two threads a thread.....and it's just to give TNA it's own part of the forum if anything. Unless you could rename the main part "TNA or Impact Wrestling" and add "Other Wrestling" into the subsection.
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