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Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Sackfist, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. This thread is for people to post suggestions and such.

    I am thinking of things to add for people to keep active.

    This is what we have:
    Preview Card - Which is a thread for people to post as their character, talk about the upcoming matches, etc

    Show - Which is a thread for the show and people to talk as their character about the events that just happened.

    Rate - Which is a thread for users to rate the show. Not to be posted as their characters

    Thoughts to add -
    Website thread - Instead of news threads, have one thread for news to be posted on. This would be closed but can be discussed on the preview card

    Power 10 - Like WWE has. Would be updated every week. This would be closed but can be discussed on the preview card

    Press Conference - This was suggested. Would be for PPV matches and lets people control their characters.

    Contest Threads - This would be contests like write the best promo, answer questions about what happened. Rewards we were thinking - Your own match card, Reputation,

    If you have any suggestions we will review them. Post them here if you do have them
  2. I like all of these. Go for it.
  3. The Power 10 is a fantastic idea which should definitely be included. :otunga:
  4. Maybe you could bring back backstage while we're waiting for the show? It'll give us sometime to get to know characters from the show plus, it'll give us something to do that will help the show in the mean time.
  5. @[Sad Panda] Will bring it back, still planning on what to post. Am thinking website threads, but don't want them to be like twitter threads where they are a flash of the moment and take away the discussion from preview cards and show cards.

    The Backstage ones seem to be what the preview cards are at the moment but it would be actions
  6. Yeah.. don't bring back the twitter threads.. :urm: You should definitely bring back backstage though, it could raise activity also.
  7. Power 10 should be added

    Good idea :obama:
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