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  1. Instead of the stars for post counts, why don't we use WWE icon's?

    Suggested image: [​IMG] -

    I think that makes it even MORE of a WWE forum :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, we need a logo :/
  2. The WWE image at that size is horrible, so no, sorry.
    We know about the logo, we can't find anyone that can make a decent one. If you know anyone, feel free to notify me.
  3. Copyright issues unfortunately. Looking for someone to make a logo that's exceptional.
  4. Can we use this then?
    Even this is better than these gold ones.
  5. How would green fit with this theme? I have stars if I want to change them. I'll consider it.
  6. Would it be possible to have a title belt built up instead of the stars? Each star represents a piece of the title. It would keep the wrestling style.
  7. Good idea, we were working on a plugin for title belts. But I could add them where stars would go, for those who have an excessive amount of posts.

    Real milestones, not just 500,700 etc. Real proper post whores :emoji_wink:.
  8. Yeah but I like the way he suggested it. A build up of the belt. Say you get a quarter of the belt per 500 posts.
  9. That would be awesome! ^

    500 posts = Left strap.
    1,500 posts = Center of belt.
    5,000 posts = Right strap.
  10. Even have it like you complete one belt then you move onto the next level so to speak so it would go.

    US title - IC title - WHC - WWE title - undisputed title.

    If they are usable if not then some kind of equivalent.
  11. We were talking this over, and that will be something for the future if Anonymous can develop a plugin that will allow it. Don't want to reveal too much, but for the time being we'll probably use title belts for Member of the Month. You'll get a new box in the post_bit with the MOTM belt, and if you continue to be the best next month you retain it and have X2 before the belt (2 time MOTM champion), or you'll lose it to another member if you weren't the best.

    This is only ideas atm, depends if Anonymous (our AWESOME developer) can develop this plugin.
  12. Sounds pretty awesome! Good luck with this idea.