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  1. Name Championship Rig

    Info This is pretty cool because it would give useres the chances to earn belts under there names if thats possible

    How it works ok so every monday befor raw or on PPV events an hour before it starts there should be a questionair for a specific belt like i has to be questions about that belt like who was thefirst man to hold this title or who held this belt for over a year

    who ever gets the most right gets that belt and users issue challenges and if he accepts the challenge there will be a one on one questionire for that belt

    Idk how it will work but it seems fun.
  2. Like the awards?
  3. Wouldn't that lead to problems, such as people accusing others of cheating?
  4. @[Optimus]
  5. I can tell that I'd lose. All answers will be incorrect. :sad:
  6. Won't be able to. In time we'll be adding a MOTM plugin where the member of the month that month (jesus I'm saying month a lot) will have the belt in their post_bit. If you win it more than once it'll have something like "2X WWE Forums Champion". Thinking about adding another belt/award thing for the user who posts the most in the discussion thread that week.
  7. That's why you need this

    for the last part. Always wanted to see if I come out the top poster or not on the live discussion threads.
  8. So many plugin requests.

    The one I suggested would do that for you. The winner would be the one with the award.
  9. suggestiion Failed
  10. Not necessarily. The MOTM will have belt/awards.
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