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  1. Awards:
    Historian - Given to users who know a lot about the past of wrestling.
    Indy Mark - Given to users highly active in the Other Wrestling Discussion.
    King of the Forum - Given to users for multiple MOTM wins.
    Judge - For people who settle arguments
    Anchor - For people who post the most and best "News" threads.

    Neutral (Side ways thumb)
    Smart - For posts that suggest a very smart idea.
  2. Swore we had indy mark. Called something else though.

    Neutral doesn't really need one and Smart is pretty much informative to me.
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  3. It's called TNA's Biggest Fan :isee:

    No but really, we don't have one.
  4. Almost impossible to judge who knows a lot about past wrestling because anyone can just google it.
    Indy mark? eh whatever
    KOTF - good idea
    Judge - :lol1: nobody settles arguments because nobody likes accepting their wrong on this forum
    Anchor - just going to lead to people posting every news article possible just for the award

    Idk 'bout the neutral I think we have enough ratings tbh, if you're neutral about it then just don't rate it anything?
    Smart, we have the agree rating
  5. You've settled arguments. By that I mean you stop banter between two or more other users.
  6. Banter isn't arguments :lol1:
  7. Then
    Judge - For users who murder banter.
  8. There still needs to be an award for negative ratings. It takes a pair to be that bad.
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  9. The truth is strong in this one. :lol1:
  10. Another award.

    "Patrol" - For those who help the site crack down on wrongful site activity.
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  11. Somebody wants the brightspark award
  12. You'd be a shoe-in for the Patrol award, as would Adam if he still posted.
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  13. Same for Judge.
  14. Jono doesn't murder banter, he makes it more fun.
  15. <3
  16. For some reason I think "Hateful" is a good rating. Lol. I'm done with the suggestions. :dawg:
  17. Do you mean 'hateful' as rating to give to a person who is flaming others?
  18. Yeah or if if they say something like "Gays are Satan's children"
  19. I suppose I can expect a few here and there.