Suicide Is....

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  1. None other:

    TJ Perkins!

    He's also been known as PUMA formerly in TNA, Pinoy Boy in PWG and as TJ Perkins in ROH.
    A well-known independent wrestler, has many fans and supporters out there, and it has been some time he's been trying to get into big leagues.

    Glad to hear he's under the mask and I think he played Suicide very, very well. I hope it's permanent, as I like both TJP and Suicide, the character.
  2. I also enjoyed his portrayal of Suicide a lot.
  3. He played it great. I hope Suicide will be permanent on roster and I hope TJ Perkins will be Suicide permanent as well.
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  4. TJ is above average when they let him just be an athletic performer, his storytelling is terrible most of the time but he can work pretty well. Fits the suicide character since his face is covered. Needs more work on expressing himself through his body language though, it needs to be really exaggerated to work. I'm not a huge fan of suicide but I can't hate another X division guy.
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