TLC Summary babes

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DK James, Dec 15, 2013.

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  1. Someone give me a summary of TLC because it sounded really interesting and im confused on a couple things. Okay.

    -I thought I heard on RAW last week that HHH pedigreed Orton? I thought they were no longer friends or some shit.
    -I heard something about Reigns spearing Rollins. Was that intentional? Either way imma mark.
    -I know that Orton won the titles, but was it clean.

    And yea, a summary of everything else please to someone who's kind enough. :kiss:
  2. Rain gave me a nice summary, but if anyone still is bored and would like to post, go right ahead.
  3. I didn't watch Smackdown, but apparently Orton apologized or something.

    Reigns speared Ambrose unintentionally which provoked their loss.

    It was a pretty clean win IMO, he handcuffed Cena at first, Cena broke up, with the handcuffs still on one hand albeit. Orton pushes him down to a table, pretty botchy ending lol. But yeah, clean win.

    What else. Bryan had a great psychological match with Wyatt's, they won. Big E defended in a fun match, AJ vs. Natalya was OK, but not as good as Kaitlyn vs. AJ at Payback IMO. A LOT of filler which included a Miz vs. Kofi Kingston in a no DQ match without weapons basically. Brodus lost to Truth as ToF abandoned him. Some shitty backstage segments. That's it, I think.
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  4. Aight thanks bruh, sounded like an okay PPV. Gotta start recording RAWs again now.
  5. No worries. Not bad by any means but could have done a bit better.
  6. Also forgot to mention that the 4 way tag match was pretty nifty. Dolphins predicted a Real Americans win, and when they didn't, I was pretty sad. Fuck him lol.
  7. Oh, and Ziggler vs. Fandango was really short and stupid, but you, you already knew that.
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