Summer 2013 in TNA: Who's Safe and Who Is Not?

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  1. Below I made the list of who's got stuff to do in TNA the entire summer based on current stories, BFGS and direction; and who's job and TV time are not safe at this moment based by their TV appearences.


    Bully Ray (World Champ)
    Aces & 8s
    Sting (New MEM is coming)
    Kurt Angle (he is a freakin Cyborg)
    James Storm (Tag Champ)
    Gunner (Tag Champ)
    Chris Sabin (X Champ)
    Suicide (they didn't bring him back to do shit, did they?)
    Chavo Guerrero (he's Eddie's nepheww, son)

    BFG Series 12
    AJ Styles
    Jeff Hardy
    Austin Aries
    Bobby Roode
    Samoa Joe
    Joseph Park
    Jay Bradley
    Mr. Anderson

    Mickie James (KO Champ)
    Velvet Sky
    Taryn Terrell
    ODB (KO ref)

    NOT SAFE (not consistent on TV or wrestling in OVW)

    Matt Morgan
    Robbie E
    Eric Young (he has his own TV show, though)
    Christian York
    Kenny King
    Joey Ryan
    Petey Williams
    Sonjay Dutt
    Zema Ion (sidelined with tumor)

    Crimson (OVW for now)
    Jesse Godderz (OVW)
    Rob Terry (OVW)
    Rockstar Spud (OVW)
    Sam Shaw (OVW)

    Taeler Hendrix (OVW)
    Brooke Tessmacher
    Gail Kim (hopefully TNA finds another feud for her soon)

    That makes 30 wrestlers who are safe this summer for sure, and will have everything to do.
    That also makes between 15-20 other wrestlers who (at the moment) don't look to have too bright summer ahead of them, but that is always bound to change, because changes and pushes in wrestling literally happen overnight; thus some of them might become regulars in a second (like Morgan, Crimson, Robbie or Ryan).
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  2. Morgan gas a big story I'm pretty sure they're just building to it.
  3. Crimson and Morgan should be a tag team. These both deserve to be on shows but they can not get them. Wish TNA used Dutt more and properly.
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  4. Nice post dude.

    Morgan is getting a push soon surely. I see no other reason for him to resign with TNA if he had no assurances that he had a bright future. I hope Sonjay is safe; big fan of his.
  5. It's an injustice on how Crimson isn't being used. He needs a gimmick similar to the one he has in OVW right now, just a way to do it solo though, since I'm sure he can at least be a TV champion.
  6. Noticed what he was wearing on Impact?




    + this video is promising

    "You have not seen the last of Crimson!"

    I hope the storyline is already set around him, otherwise, this return was total bullshit.
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  7. He's gonna kill somebody!! :mog:
  8. I wasn't huge on Crimson before and even I was impressed by his short bit on Impact, he's got star appeal.
  9. Dont expect to lose anyone on the "not safe" list unless they acquire some new talent to replace that person's gimmick.
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