Summer 2014 Transfer Window Discussion

Discussion in 'Sports' started by NickAngel12, May 26, 2014.

  1. Hopefully this summer is just as interesting as this year's World Cup when it comes to the transfer window discussion. David Luiz is already going to France for 50 million, and to think that's the first significant move of the summer? Let's get it on!
  2. Me lads over at the Spurs seem committed to signing Pochettino as their new manager. Can't say I know much about Pochettino but one cannot deny his results with helping Southampton rise in the league.
  3. Speaking from Madridista, I hope our major signing is Paul Pogba. We don't need Suarez unless Benzema is gone from Madrid
  4. So Luiz to PSG for £50 mil is just an absurd amount of money; as much as I love Luiz at Chelsea, it's for the best that we cash in on him now. Means we can easily buy Costa and then a new LB (Shaw hopefully) at the very least without making a loss in the transfer market.
  5. Good luck with Costa. Don't like him but I guess he's better than Torres. Not saying he's exactly world class
  6. He's better than most strikers we've had recently, hopefully he can find his scoring boots immediately at Chelsea. We need someone as good as Drogba was in his hey-day so I guess Costa has to be the man. Heck, Costa and Lukaku here in the upcoming season will be a beastly combo - then we still have guys like Bamford coming from our academy.
  7. Pochettino has been appointed new head coach at the spurs and is being given a budget for transfers to start work.

    Little bit giddy tbh
  8. You support Spurs?

    Also, that's a good appointment. One of his main aims will definitely be to get Lamela playing good. I can see Spurs trying to sign Lallana, and possibly some old Espanyol players/others from La Liga who impressed him. Although a five year contract is a really bold move from Levy.
  9. Juventus are negotiating terms with Real Madrid over Paul Pogba, demanding a player....hmmm
  10. I do
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  11. Is Ronaldo signing for Man U yet?
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  12. "I will return to Manchester United if Real Madrid win the Champions League this season." - Cristiano Ronaldo [Marca, 2013]
  13. Welp there we have it.
  14. Can't wait to see what @Crayo 's ridiculous transfer hopes are this season for Man U. :-)

    I'm just hoping Liverpool get one of Antoine Griezmann or Xherdan Shaqiri. Preferably the French man, though.
  15. Malcolm Glazer just died.

    Wonder if it will affect United's work in any way during the transfer season.
  16. Depends on what was his final wish was.
  17. Swansea signs Fabiansci (spelling?) from Arsenal.
  18. I prefer Falcao over Suarez for Madrid.
    We gotta sell Morata, Khedira and if we get a good offer Lopes and Coentrao.
  19. Agree. Morata should go to Arsenal while we put a buy back clause on his contract. Coentrao is arguably the most underrated player in RM, needs to stay especially if Marcelo is injury prone. Diego Lopez needs to stay too just because he contributed and Casillas is going to need a breather here and there
  20. Shaqiri is definitely a realistic option for Liverpool. He does not get the game time he wants at Bayern.

    My transfer hopes are definitely ridiculous because I still have hope that next season we'll be able to compete and that just seems far too unrealistic at the moment. Luke Shaw is almost a certainty now it seems which I am ecstatic about. In my opinion though, the central midfield is where we will either win or lose the transfer window. If we acquire some of the targets we are interested in (Muller, Kroos, Fabregas, Strootman, etc.) then that can kick-start our immediate recovery. If we fail once again and invest in risks in such a pivotal position, then we might make no progress at all. Van Gaal prefers a 4-3-3 formation so we should see investment in the two positions we need it the most in - wingers and central midfielders.
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